He said he never makes a move on a girl?

I am super into one of my friends. While he was complaining to me about how bad a recent breakup was he told me he will be single forever because he never makes a move on a girl because he is too insecure. I would love to make a move, but I can't get a read on him whatsoever and don't want to make an idiot of myself. So what should I look for that's not just being friends?


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  • He just told you that you have to make the first move. He's not giving mixed signals. He can't be any more plain.

    • I thought so, but then when I casually brought something up he said he needs to wait a while before he thinks about dating. So I guess I am looking for in the future?

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    • I think he's playing a kind of game with you. There's nothing wrong with telling your feelings

    • I don't know. I didn't really get that.

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  • If he is being that open with you he may see you as more of a friend to be honest..

    But it can be easy for you to change that opinion. Flirt with him when you are around him and see how he responds to that. Flirting is your best way forward. It will get you to gauge his reaction, and it will also make him see you in a sexual way. It may take a bit before you get much of a response, so try at least a couple times in person with him.

  • just make a move and see what happens it can never hurt to try


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