I felt like I scared and pushed her away. I started having feelings for her so early.. How should I get her back?

Apparently, I met this girl on Tinder on November 1st. Right when we matched, she gave me her phone number and we started texting. She was here for meeting new people and maybe a LTR, and I said that same thing as well. We have been texting like every single hour since we were both busy with school. We bother exchanged out Instagrams and snapchats to one another but we didn't really snap each other much often. BTW, she normally takes 4-6 hour naps during the day since her sleeping schedule is messed up.

She goes to the same school with me and we actually met last Wednesday on November 12th right after her exam. We only talked for 10 minutes and everything went fine.

We were supposed to set up a date for Friday the 14th; however, she flaked on me and told me that she had to go out of town to support her friend emotionally since her friend recently broke up with her boyfriend. On the 13th, she asked if we can reschedule and I said yes. At the same time, I was disappointed that my Friday night's plans were postponed, but she did not tell me when and she couldn't glance over the days she's available.

Then on Friday the 14th, right after my stats midterm, I initiated a GM text and we replied to each other's text for every 10-20 minutes since we were both busy with class and office hours. During noon, I tried calling her up if she would like to grab a quick bite with me, and no response. Then I texted her if she can let me know when she would possibly be back town, and she never replied back to me..

Then Saturday the 15th, at 2 in the morning, I actually saw her online on Tinder. She never even got back to me until I asked how her day went via SMS. Then I asked her stupid questions like, "Were you meeting up with another guy, be honest! What were you exactly doing in Berkeley?" and that's when she backed off and consequently she blocked me on Instagram and Snapchat. She never spoke to me again.

How do I get her back? Maybe start over as friends?


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  • She's nkt interested and she won't be interested. Move on


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  • Very few here will see that clump of text and think "ok I care enough to read all that".

    Maybe you don't have much experience with women so when one shows you some interest you lose your shit and cling.

    When you're just getting to know eachother nobody has invested anything emotionally, nobody normal and stable anyway. So if she goes cold and doesn't want to know anymore then, sorry buddy, it's the end of the road.

    Persisting only pushes women away. Believe me when I tell you that moving on is the best option. Perhaps her ego will want to know why your not following her around like a little puppy anymore and she'll get back in touch, and maybe she won't. In either case move on, it's for the best!

    • Yeah, I guess I just don't have really good experiences with women since I'm bad at dating. All 3 of my relationships never involved dating and I know it's ridiculous. Right now I'm not going to bother her and I'll wait until Friday night. I doubt she would initiate and she's probably texting other guys on Tinder by now. I still haven't exchanged numbers with girls on Tinder yet, neither did they constantly talk to me.

    • I was like you once. You gotta be happy with yourself before you can be happy with other people. Girls can smell trouble a mile off, if you need them to be happy it's no good.