Waiting forever... should I make a move first?

Guy friend and I have been friends for awhile now and the past couple of months we've been getting into cuddles-they are really hugs but he refers to them as cuddles. We hug every time we see each other and yesterday he gave me a big hug and hugged for a good five minutes.

He also kisses me on the forehead and sometimes when he's in a happy mood, he would nudge me playfully or flick my nose. LOL.

Should I make a move or let him make a move first?


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  • well it seems like he's gradually progressing to more intimate things. so for now I would just wait and see if he makes a move. but If nothing happens in the next month then you should make a move

    • Think I will... I'm just afraid he'd meet someone else though

    • how about this. when his advances stop become larger. when they seem to plateau. then you should make a move. as long as e is making advances on you then he's not looking for someone else

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  • Just casually ask if he wants to go to the movies because you really want to see a movie and have no one to go with... or an excuse like that. that way your not making a direct move saying lets go out


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  • Yes, it sounds like he would be very accepting of your advances. I personally find it flattering when a girl has the courage to put herself out there like that. I would always respect her more for her bravery. I love it haha.


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