Dating a co-worker - Would you consider it?

As a matter of policy, I never consider dating a co-worker. If things go wrong, the consequences could be disastrous. I may not be able to focus on my job, even lose my job, or something worse. The stakes are too high, and I personally feel that risk is not worth taking, especially since there is no dearth of women outside my workplace. Suppose I feel someone at my workplace is perfect for me, I'd even go the extent of switching jobs if I really want to date her (hasn't happened yet, but just saying).

So what are your views about this? Are you open to dating a co-worker in spite of the risks involved, or would you rather not take that route?

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  • My boyfriend and I got hired to work at the same restaurant, but he works in the kitchen and I work front of house. As such, it's really not that big of a deal. I barely (if ever) see him while I'm there, so I don't think there's any harm in it. If you're constantly interacting with that coworker, however, I think it's a bad idea.

    • Yeah, in your case there isn't much of an issue. But I work as a software developer, and in my profession I need to interact with a lot of co-workers on a regular basis (although it may not be every single day). And as and when we are allocated to different projects, someone I have never interacted much at work before, may actually become part of the same team I'm in. So its not really practical for me to date a co-worker.

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  • Nope. My boyfriend and I met when we deployed together, but he simply works in the same squadron as me, we rarely ever interact at work, maybe once or twice a month tops and only long enough for me to get a list of aircraft from him. Budding couples go through a lot of hell here anyway, they constantly get split up on different shifts and moved to other squadrons.

  • I never did bc Ik it causes trouble. and almost didn't go out with my husband bc of that. He was my boss and I ended up pregnant. Be careful. Lol. We are still together though. Sometimes it works and people end up being married and sometimes its a disaster. You just never know.


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