Girl likes guy, Guy says he likes girl... does their history prove otherwise?

This is going to be really long but I need answerers to know every detail so I feel confident about answers I get. Sorry! And thank you!
So I've known him for ~7 years now. In my senior year of high school (im now in my 3rd year of college) we had a couple month long flirtationship that ended, on good terms. He began dating another girl after that & I moved on too. Later he ended things with her & began to talk with me again. We began to go out when he was home on leave, but nothing official. While he was away saw other guys b/c we had no title, but when Valentine's came he sent his ex (from years back) flowers, which I was very upset over. We werent official but I was still upset and broke things off. A couple weeks later he convinced me to give him another shot. Not long after that he got deployed & told me not to wait the 7 months for him, I didnt. I began dating another guy to tie me over until guy #1 got back (wrong I know) but I really fell for the new guy. When guy #1 got back he began to get in contact with me again but I was happy with the new guy & told guy #1 that, & he told me if he ever got a chance again he'd treat me right. 2 months ago things with the new guy it ended and guy #1 had just gotten out of a relationship too so I contacted him. The girl that he had been dating was moving & they were still sleeping together until she left and he told me this when I told him I wanted to see him again. I told him that was okay and we could wait until she left & he said he still wanted to talk in the meantime so we are. Recently he propositioned me for sex & I told him that I'd sleep with him casually now if thats what he wanted (we have been together before) but thats all it'd ever be between us (since the other girl is still in the picture) & told me in that case he wanted to wait because he wants to try a real relationship with me. I offered no strings sex but he still said he wanted a relationship. Does he actually like me? Is he playing some game? Help!


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  • its a hard sell... im not really sure. seems like you everyone (except guy #2) in this story isn't sure either. i like the honesty between you and guy #1 so I'm kind of rooting for that.
    ok based on what I've seen... hold back till the other girl leaves, obviously he wants strings but since you guys (both of you) have been bouncing around... i suggest taking things slow.. start with FWB.. there are strings.. but not as many. then see where it goes from there. i can tell you right now, that from the trend i see, (its possible he is only saying he wants a relationship because he thinks you want one and are lying)
    that if you guys just jump into a relationship head on, the break up is going to be quick as well.

    • hahaha.. guess i had to get MHO huh... only one to respond.. but you hit the lotto.. you can contact me any time with question... im here to help.

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