Am I trying to hard to find a relationship?

Am I trying to hard with trying to find a relationship. my friends always tell me it will happen when the time is right. I have been single my whole life and I am 22 years old now. I feel like I have had multiple chances to get in a relationship but each time I started out friends with them but either said not all the right things at certain times or something or she just saw me as a friend right off the bat. I have been using sites like Plenty Of Fish and tinder but never get any responses no matter the amount of messages I send out. I send out messages with stuff that they say betters your chances of getting a response. and I still never get any response. all the girls I send messages to on there view my profile but nothing.. since I am at a small community college now living in the dorms, I am away from home and still don't really have much friends to hang out with on a Friday night. so I don't really get myself out there :( but because of all this am I trying to hard or something to look for a possible relationship when instead I should wait for something to happen, even though I'm tired of being single


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  • If you feel like you're trying too hard, then maybe you are.
    But you still have to go out and mingle, otherwise there's no possible chance you can find a gf - if you never go anywhere.
    I know - I never go anywhere. xD


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