So I can assume she likes me a lot right? (She has never slept with anyone, and both of us are abstinent till marriage) Asking for a girl to advise?

This girl and I have pretty much become best friends since starting college (we are not currently dating) and she started asking for massages a few weeks ago and I obliged, so I've been giving her foot, back, shoulder and neck massages for about 3 weeks now. Tonight when I was massaging her thighs, she told me to massage the upper area around her groin, and didn't say anything, even as I pulled down her panties to get to the inner part of her groin, just said that it felt good ( I was not after sex and neither was she). Later when I was massaging her back, when my hand got to the outer edge of her back near her breasts she said it felt good there too, and gradually relaxed as I massaged that area and slowly she guided me till both hands were massaging them. After she got tired of that I moved back to her feet. I know she wasn't after sex, but what should I think of what happened tonight, what do you guys think she was saying to me?


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  • I would definitely say she's into you, I wouldn't even ask my sister to do stuff like that or my best guy friend. She could have been testing you to see if you would take it any further, not necessarily sex, but maybe a good make out session lol. I was a V (not even selfies *wink wink*) up until i was 20 which is pretty good nowadays lol, so i know that even when you dont want sex, you still have hormones and urges that feel good and give u a little turning on or riling up. But I think its time that y'all become more that friends, at least from the way you tell it, at lest she wants to, if she comfortable enough for you to do all that. Or you can just ask her about it and see what she says, but the next massage i think you should ask her out.


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