I asked him out first?

I asked a guy out first, not on a date though, I made it sound more casual. Something like "wanna grab dinner on Wednesday?" . He told me it'd be nice but he needs to check his boss' schedule and see if he got nothing planned as the boss is in town for the week.
The dinner is supposed to be tomorrow night and I'm really worried and nervous he'll forget about it or anything. Should I remind him? Like ask him if he's made up his mind? Will it be clingy?
Also, he is 24 and I'm 18 and I'm trying not to do something stupid and immature so I'm really uncertain whether I should remind him or not.
Please help me?
How would you guys feel if you were him? Do you like when a girl shows interest in you?


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  • I would definitely LOVE when a girl shows interest in me, if I were that kind of shy guy..
    He acted like feminine this way because he said he needs to check his boss' schedule.
    It may sound he wants to flake, but probably no.
    Because I found u're quite attractive in the pic.


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  • If he's 24 it should be up to him to be the man and take the opportunity. There's nothing to be lost by texting him and finding out what he's up to, if that scares him away he needs to grow a pair!


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  • Guys love it when girls show an interest. They're just very big fucking dumbasses

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