Men you never had girlfriend and have a crush and complain about it, don't you think you are the one who set expectations too high?

Many men here say that they have a crush, they have always been single and often wonder what is wrong with them. Let's be honest, they complain about women and how they don't see them. Don't you think they are the one who expect too much. They are a lot of single ladies that they don't even see.

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  • Insecure people tend to blame it on everyone else but themselves. Know your limits. Idealization is what kills any form of relationship. These duded think of hot girls that reject them as people that don't understand, are wrong blah blah. They are the "nice guys" who don't think nice and generally aren't. They should instead not give a flying fuck if they get rejected.


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  • I know for a fact that my own expections are not too high, and I don't think a lot of other guys expections are too high either. I don't really know what I want in a girl but at least I know what I don't want - for example smell of tobacco smoke as she walks by.

    I do think some of us get blinded by looks in some cases though.
    A lot of guys (including myself) are like "omg that chick is so hot I would love to date her". There is nothing wrong in thinking someone is attractive, but there's a lot more to a girl than that. Her personality is of course the most important thing.
    The problem is that if a guy tries to get to know a girl, he often ends up spending too much time with her and ends up becoming one of her best friends. At this point he might be very interested in her, he knows a lot about her and he really likes her. But now the majority of girls don't see him as a potential partner anymore. Now he's "just a friend" and he is stuck in the friendzone.

    Girl logic in a nutshell - friendzones the guys they are the most comfortable around.

  • No man ever aims too high. If that's what they want, that's what they'll go for. And they'll wait till the perfect women that fits that comes along.

  • well i don´t see a lot of single ladies :D and i don´t even know what to expect so i think not.

  • Yeah it's men who have too high expectations of women. Riiiiiiiight.

    • women are allowed to do so since they are carriers of children, you don't know what stipulations some women have due to their genetic preference, which is not by choice but design. men chose women in the past due to segregation and abuse, status etc. it hasn't changed much but a bit as well. if you want to picky you have to offer a lot in return these days, what that entitles is a form of debate. of course you could argue that some women choose unwise but guys are even worse.

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