Why are the Irish so bad at dating?

I am in my early 20s and from Northern Ireland and have only been asked out on a date 3 times in my life (in this country) . Once was when I was in a bigger city and the other was by 2 male friends that turned out to want to be more than friends.

This question applies to both genders as even when it happened I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. I genuinely didn't know if he was being serious as it just doesn't seem to happen in Ireland that often. All of my friends where talking about this one day as well, the only time us girls get actually do get asked out is when were in a pub or after meeting a guy in the pub lol.

I mean I'm not being big headed but I'm not ugly lol When I was in America I got asked out by 4 different guys and I was only there for a short holiday! lol the same happened when I was in England too. I thought that I just wasn't pretty enough for this kind of stuff to happen but I'm beginning to realise its Ireland! I realise girls could ask guys out too, I'm not blaming them as us Irish girls don't even know how to respond when we do get asked. But girls pre fare to get asked, when a girl asks a guy out it would seem desperate (well in Ireland anyway)

I'm just super jealous of American girls or anyone who lives in a different country as they have guys that just come up, completely sober and in the day light to ask a girl out, it just doesn't happen in Ireland, why are we so behind with dating?


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  • This is complete and utter bullshit...

    An Irish girl.

    Just because you and your friends have problems doesn't mean the rest of us do. Heck I've been asked out in the street, been asked out whilst waiting on an appointment and asked out in a grocery store.

    • Well thats nice for you, I just wanted different opinions, no need to be rude.
      I live in a small town so it doesn't happen too often.

      and no i did not say that my friends 'had problems', I have a very large group of 20 friends in our circle. One of my friends lived in America for a year. She gets lots of attention from guys at home but nevr really asked out properly. its how this topic came up, she noticed that the people in America generally seem to be more forward and I thought the same when i was there too.

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    • I didn't call you ugly though. In fact, I've not said 'you must be ugly' anywhere... Perhaps you perceived this as my answer because you feel you are, and on that point, what you need is more confidence.

      I quoted what you said, because it made it seem your friends were complaining of the same, hence, you and your friends having the same problem.

    • @opinionowner
      We where talking about it yes but we didn't all agree so I can see why you prob thought that. Sorry.

      Yeah well thats true, I wouldn't be confident in my self. I try to be but I'm really not. The ironic thing is people who know me wouldn't stay that about me. I mean I'm asking people on the internet so what does that tell you :/ haha

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  • All my life all I'd ever heard about the Irish is that they're awfully big drinkers (a stereotype that my grandparents failed to disprove, but I digress LOL).

    I seriously doubt that Irish people are bad at dating. My guess is that you just haven't met the right one yet, just like anyone else who is facing some difficulty in the dating world.

  • Northern Ireland isn't actually Ireland...

    • Seriously? I do know that I'm including the north and south.

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    • Northern Ireland is part of the UK, The Republic of Ireland is "Ireland" and is below Northern Ireland. They're two entirely different countries.

    • The UK isn't a country.
      I think living in Ireland, I'd know that. Yes, they are seen as two countries, however, the 6 counties isn't even complete since 3 counties of Ulster are in the republic, just because a line on a map says so, doesn't mean that northern Ireland isn't part of Ireland, and it was only seen as two countries by partition which happened in 1936, and the Republic has alway say in what happens in Northern Ireland along WITH England.

  • Oh look another woman who is blaming her shortcomings on men.

    "I'm a having a tough time in the dating game! So now I'm going to make all Northern Irish Men as a scapegoat for my woes"


    • @theyellowbear
      Did you read the questions I'm not blaming men not at all. My friends that did get asked out looked at the guy like he had two heads yet us girls say this is the way they want treated and when it actually happens we aren't really sure what to do. I'm actually just trying to understand the different attitudes towards dating in different countries. Maybe I'm just a really ugly person and thats it problem solved. I just thought when I was in america people seemed to be more forward about everything in general.

    • Maybe Irish men don't you see you as desirable and American men do because you're foreign, you're someone new, someone with different mannerism, a different accent etc.

  • Seriously? Have you seen them, they're drunk all the time! And when was the last time anoyne pulled off a sweet date when drunk ^^

    • Yes yes, and all Americans are stupid, all English have bad teeth, all Italians are greasy, etc etc...

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    • @Asker, speak for yourself, not all of us...

    • @somethingwicked statistically irishmenn drink a lot. Obviously some pull the numbers up, and others pull them down. It's not a stereotype if it's true, you know XD

      Anyway, i can understand why you don't drink. Not a fan of it either, it just fucks with your had and you riks doing something REALLY stupid

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  • I'm from Dublin and I can relate. We are crap at dating. I envy American and English girls. The guys are just out with it, if they like you they tell you. There's no messing or joking around.

  • Guess you're hot and your accent is exotic to them. You've got an edge over them.

  • They think more of the bottle than the ladies. Met a few of them, they seem 'drunk' daily.

  • @jonny_ is this true?

    • Nah I know guys who approach girls all the time here... Depends on the person, it's not something i'd do but I have low confidence and social anxiety.

  • City vs small town, I'd imagine.

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