He's moved on so quickly. Is he serious?

This guy told his friends he likes me and I like him too but... guh.

How could he move on so fast? Did he expect me, a shy girl to approach him or was he really jusy scared he'd be rejected? Why is it that the guys I like don't try to ask me out but the ones I don't like make the move?

He was my clubmate last year and my classmate this year. When we played "Paint Me a Picture", the teacher told us to paint him a scene from prom. So our leader partnered us but I wouldn't go near him and so won't he. Since our leader saw us, she told him that I'm really pretty (whichwas much to my delight ahaha) and he was just all cautious and awkward. He seemed really intevoerted. When I saw him this year as my classmate, he was actually very friendly. When I asked why he was so quiet in the club, he wouldn't look at me (and I thought he was disgusted or thought badly of me). Also, I asked him a question and he wouldn't look at me. Then it was revealed to me that he likes me. Then another one told me. And a lot of my other classmates asked if I knew someone who likes me. Then the whole class knew about it and some people would tease him about me.

And then there was sports week. A friend of his told me that I'm his last crush. We wondered and laughed what he meant by it. I noticed he would look at me and he even fanned me and my friend but never talked to me. But before my friend and I left, he yelled "Bye, -my name-".

I like him slightly and have thought of dating him to get to know him better to have him as a boyfriend but my friend told me he overheard his friends saying he has anotber girl he likes who also likes him. I thought he told his friend I was his last crush. Well, this just sucks. And they don't tease him about me anymore. But last week they still were but now, no. I've been thinking for so long how toapproachhim but I always see him with his friends and I tried to be alone but he didn't approach me.

I'm sorry it's so long and if there are typos.


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  • Sounds like a game of rumors.


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