How many dates you should have before having sex?

I am asking this cause i have always had problems with this. they dont dump me after sex but they lose interest or respect in me.

now i started dating again and i dont want to make the same mistake. i dont want to wait too long for sex and neither give myself too easily. i want them to respect me but neither think im boring or too old fashioned.

in your opinion when do you think is the right moment to start having sex?


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  • i don't think there is any pre-requisite amount of time. I think sex and the decision to have sex in a potential long term relationship should occur when both people feel ready. perhaps it's when you feel love for or are in love with the person (that's always when I decided I was ready) but it should also be something that is discussed. Not necessarily a specific date to have sex but what each person's expectations are for both the relationship and sexual relationship in the future.


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