What is the best way to act or not act when someone hasn't responded to your message for more than a week?

Last time I talked to this dude, he cancelled a date on me cause he was busy. He send tons of messages saying,
"im in a meeting: Will text you as soon as I come out. Still in a meeting." and finally, "Can't make it have a contract to complete." i was cool about it and I answered, "OK guess Ill go to the gym instead." Then he starts swearing that he is going to meet me the next day even if he has to quit his job to which I answer, that I can't make it cause I have to travel for work.(And that was true)" He then gets angry and says that next week Im just meeting my sister so it seems like he doesn't believe that I dont have a life. I feel bad and then tell him that Sunday is OK he doesn't answer we obviously dont meet on Sunday.

So he hasn't responded, or texted or anything and its been more than a week.

WTF is going on! Is he pissed off at me or did he simply loose interest which is usually the case when guys dont call or text back?

Also, what's the best way to move on? I dont feel he respects me in any way and I dont see a future in a relationship if he keeps acting that way.


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  • well you stated in your last sentence that you don't feel he respects you in anyway so fuck him. if he doesn't respect you then he isn't worth worrying about. if he is making you feel that way, then he has fucked up. so fall back from this guy. from this day forth, he isn't a priority, he shouldn't be an option, he is barely even a footnote. he has strung you on too many times that he just isn't worth worrying about. treat him the same way he treats you. if he gets bored and decides to text you back, spin that same behavior on him and give him a taste of his own medicine. but until then just move on and live your life like you were doing before you started dealing with him


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  • Move on, and stop beating urself up
    its the guys who dont see u for what you are. You are at no fault, try dating someone online this time, maybe someone from a different race or someone a little older then you typically do


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