Where do I stand with this girl I'm dating?

I dated this girl for about 2 months. Recently we both have been busy an seen each other less an less. she's been going through a lot and dealing with school and I've been busy with work. For the last few days we just talked less. We went a couple days without talking until she texted me when she was at a party, she was drunk but i didn't know until later on. Anyways she texted me saying why haveny we talked and if i was ignoring her? I explained i wasn't and we both have been busy. We then talked like we normally did which was fun but it ended short, it was late. I texted her the next morning an no answer. I talked to her the day after that for a couple hours but she stopped replying. Im guessing she's done with me? She did tried talking to me drunk but I don't know what that means. So what should I do? Leave it? I mean i do like her.

Before when we were together things were great no awkward moments and we always had something to talk about and we talked everyday.
Also id i thought id give her some space and maybe try talking to her later down the road. Opinions?


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  • With you both been busy beavers and seeing each other less and less, it seems too the convo is going down hill and Now----She stopped replying.
    It sounds to me like she is being sporadic, unpredictable and has a few emotional issues of her own. I don't see where this is going to change any, just going down a beaten path of War of the Roses.
    It doesn't have to be etched in stone to see from where I am sitting that this is a perfect Example of some Over time full pattern circle that is going to be nothing But----Here today, forget me tomorrow... no uphill climb in site..
    Good luck. xx


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  • Being drunk takes people inhibitions away. So if she texted you while drunk this is a subject that's been bothering her but for whatever reason has been hesitant to bring up. Probably in the fear of appearing clingy.

    If you both have busy schedules maybe try to communicate what your schedule is? This means both of you. So you can arrange a time to hang out or at least have a catch up on the phone.
    Just be honest. Next time you hang out with her bring it up and try to get he to open up about it. Its good to address these things now rather than later and its a bigger issue.

    • I have been trying to talk an see but so far like i said she stopped answering me an i dont wanna overwhelm with attention to the point where im bothering her. When she was drunk she supposedly had texted me three times, however i didn't get them. She said regardless she's tried talking to me. Which could have been why she thought i was ignoring her

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    • I see. Well if she does resume talking to you in the future. Which I'm guessing she will. Address it.

      All you can do now is wait. Good luck :)

    • As long as you communicate that the reason you're pursuing this is because you like her and want her to be happy... I see no reason why she would. In fact I think it would make the relationship stronger and her trust you more.

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  • Let her be... if she talks to you drunk, she's got baggage. Unless she wants help with that, let her go...