Should I keep pushing? Let her come to me? Give up? Help!?

2 years ago I was a senior in high school. This new girl, a year younger, had just moved to my town, and I immediately had a crush on her the minute I saw her. Unfortunately, I didn’t make any moves on her, and she ended up dating another guy for the rest of the school year. We still talked in school, but really lost contact after I graduated.

Then this past August, she messaged me out of the blue. She had saw me somewhere in town, and meant to say hi, but didn’t. Ever since that day 3 months ago, we’ve texted nearly everyday, hung out almost every Sunday, gone out to the movies together, and overall I was really happy. We still haven’t kissed or hugged due to us both being super shy, but I wanted to make our relationship official anyways. So I worked up the courage and was able to convince myself to just flat out tell her I like her the next time I see her.

Unfortunately, all of a sudden this month she has become “too busy” for our normal Sunday hangouts, so I haven’t had a chance to tell her yet. The past 3 weeks she has said she has too much school work to see me, but still always apologizes. And school is super important to her, because if she doesn’t keep a high GPA she loses all her scholarship money, and I understand that. But the past few weeks she has become super comfortable with ignoring me. Whether its being “too busy” to see me, or reading my texts and not responding.

I really like this girl but I feel like she lost interest, whether it’s because she doesn’t like me anymore or maybe she met someone else. I don’t want to make the mistake of missing out on the opportunity to be with her, like I did 2 years ago, which is why I’ve been trying to see her so I can make our relationship “official.”

So what should I do about this? Should I keep being persistent and continue to text her everyday/try and hang out every weekend? Should I back off and hope that she'll come to me when she's free? Should I give up?

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SUB-QUESTION: Sunday night she read one of my texts and never responded, and we haven’t texted since. Should I text her to try and start up a conversation, or let her text me?


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  • I'd say definitely back off and don't sweat it.. it's human nature. We all want something that's hard to get which is really sad. But if she does like you she will make the effort to talk to you again. Give her some time right now and sometimes don't be too nice even though you really are nice, cause then even though she's not a player kind a girl she still subconsciously thinks that you're always available and take you for granted.


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  • I'd back off a bit, if she had all the time of the world to talk to you before and suddenly doesn't anymore something is going on, maybe she really is busy. If you really want to you can always ask if somethings up or tell her what's bothering you ( but I don't know how close you are ).

    Good luck!

  • Give up, she's not interested

    • That's what all my friends are telling me to do, but I don't know, I really like this girl

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