Opinions on deleting an ex from facebook?

I realise this is something that people quite often, differ in opinion on. I just deleted my ex. I deleted him after 1,5 months when I realised I wanted to completely forget him because the way it ended, ruined everything that led up to it. He rejected me and wanted to be friends ( what a joke) and I refused, saying I want to move forward and that he can't have his cake and eat it too. So we stopped talking, I bumped into him 2 weeks ago. It was fine, it was at a party and I felt no need to be around him or talk to him. Although we did briefly converse (utterly useless anyway). But last night, I realised it.. if he wanted to talk, he would have by now. It has been more than a month. He rejected me, so what gives him the right to know about my life or even remotely be a part of it? He took the decision, I am just keeping my self respect. If he hasn't messaged now then he never was going to. To have him on Facebook is useless. No I never checked his profile page or followed him on it since we both aren't active users but the occasional online status on chat and that little opening to communication that remained to exist, subconsciously gave me hope that things might not be as bad as they seem. But last night I realised, he has no right to my life. He chose not to! I don't care if he thinks its childish (I don't think it is, especially since I waited until it wasn't even important anymore to delete or not- even though it was for me and my own wellbeing) or if he thinks its harsh. Not my problem! He walked away so easily, if he has to think something then so be it. But why is it considered better to remain friends on facebook? Anyway, just curious about your own thoughts!


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  • Well that was a long read... it sounds like you're still upset at him good step towards completely moving on... don't dwell too much on him because 38.media.tumblr.com/.../...jkNxQv1qawlm6o1_500.gif

    • Hahaha! And I ironically live in Italy :P

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    • I've been single for 3 years myself and it's by choice, the choice includes that I'm very selective on who I let into my life, there's are stipulations to it as there should be for everyone, if a person doesn't meet those requirements or stipulations they just aren't the person for me and I'm not for them. Yet i am still open to the possibility that the woman or women whom will meshes perfectly with me is out there, even if for a short time I'd enjoy that time, because nothing last forever more than anything relationships don't last forever they have a start and they have an ending its the moments Inbetween that really show you something and that should be valued, and being selective as two whom you'll share those moments with make it a worthwhile experience even if it eventually ends. I really hope the best for you, and that you find those that are worthwhile.

    • Thanks for the MH :)

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  • Its useless to be friends on Facebook with an ex.

  • I don't see it as being any different to when you used to delete them as a contact from your phone, erasing all memory of them seemed so final! lol. But when you wanna draw a line and move on, it's a great way of freeing the burden and moving on.

  • My ex left me for another guy and blocked me on Facebook. I think it is best to block another person, in order to get over them, best to go no contact


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  • Almost the same happened to me, I haven't deleted him on instagram, but think I will. Coz he dumped me

    • Amen!

    • Did your ex still want to have sex with you even when it was him who broke up with you?

    • No, but we never had sex... other issue. My story isn't a great example. But in the past, yes! Guys have tried to see what my boundaries are (even though they were very clear :P)

  • I feel your situation because I was dumped by my ex for another girl a couple of months ago. And I don't know, for some reason I had some tenderness towards him, but I think this was just me hoping he would come back. So I just left this window of oppertunity open...
    After reading your post, I think it is better to delete him. Because it's true, he is the one who left you, and if he wants you back, then he has to earn your trust and respect back.
    I deleted my ex from all social media and his contact and photos, messages of him ect. Even though there is a lot of initial will power needed, deleting him is a faster way to get over. staying friends with him will just make it harder to get over him, you need your time and space after a breakup

    • have you gotten over it? And how long did it take. I'm really sorry btw, that must have been really tough. You said "if he wants you back".. thinking in the present and future. I think in terms of "if he wanted me back" which is why deleting just reminds me of how little he cared to begin with and that if he hasn't messaged until now, then he never will.

    • Thanks =)
      Well when he initially broke up with me, he did message me. He asked me how I was doing. But this was after a month or so. I shouldn't have replied, but I did. We started to talk, but something didn't feel right to me. So I asked him if he still talked to her? He said 'she went back to her country ( I guess she was an exchange student?), and I talk to a lot of people these days'. He just kept giving me vague answers... and I didn't enjoy talking to him anymore because I knew he was talking to her and probably just stringing me around, and this made me sad. So I told him I can't talk to him anymore.
      It's been almost 3 months after I said this, and we haven't talked. I slowly deleted everything of him. I still do have some sort of feelings for him, but it's not as strong. It's hard getting over someone, and I don't know what the right thing to do, but for me I didn't want that social media distraction.
      Anyways It's really hard and confusing, but I hope you do well =)