Am I being a drama queen or is this guy playing me? Help please!?

So I met this guy online. We went out and he messaged straight away after saying what a good time he had, messages then back and forth until he disappears..
Over a week he later pops up again, we go out, have a good time, he messages straight away saying what a good time he had and then he disappears again. Pops up over a week later and we agree to meet up on Monday. Monday came and went without me hearing anything. Next time he messages I tell him where to go as I don't need a disappearing act...

A month later and I'm still thinking about him so I message him, he's pleased I texted, we go out on probably the best date I've had, he texts straight away saying it was amazing and we should do it again and agree a day. Day comes and he cancels last minute. We arrange another day and when I message late in the day he says he's busy with work and offers tomorrow instead. I tell him I don't think he's that interested and maybe we should call it a day but he says he definitely is interested.

All in the middle of these cancelled dates are sporadic messages sometimes started by him, sometimes by me with lots of flirting etc

Am I being a drama queen thinking to call it a day after cancelled dates? The cancelling doesn't bother me too much but it's the not letting me know that it's off unless I chase to find out what's going on!!


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  • I'd be pissed. It's kind of rude behavior.

    Soooo... balance rude behavior of not letting you know against how fun he is, etc. Oh, and let him know you're finding the short notice disrespectful and difficult to work around.

    And if I were you, I'd want to have a chat about whether the two of you want to be monogamous.


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  • I think it is obvious he is playing. He must be very immature especially if he is about the same age with you.


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  • He is playing you. Run for the hills before you fall for him completely.