Why does he still text me and stare at me when he dumped me? Why is he asking me for favors?

I really don't get it. I should be the last person he should asks for favors. I don't understand why he's staring at me when we are around each other. Is he trying to fuck with my emotions again?


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  • I don't get why he would suddenly hate you. Maybe it's a difference between guys and girls, or just different guys. If I dump a girl, she would probably drop down to the status of "close friend".


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  • That's what I have thought when I was/am in your position. Maybe he doesn't want to be with you, but isn't ready to let you go completely from his life.

    • so what end up happening between you two? friends? or you guys completely stopped talking

    • We run into each other sometimes on a regular basis. It depends if he decides to go to the gym when he knows I will be there. I have cut off everything after he warmed up to me again (doing what you were talking about) and then pulled back again when I referenced him and I being Friends (which is what he wanted btw). So I guess short answer is zero communication. He just looks at me when I see him and I try to not make eye contact.

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