Am I overly sensitive?

My boyfriend has been getting asked out lately. My boyfriend tells me every time a girls going to or has asked him out. I admit, I am emotional. I cry a few times a week, but I am good at not taking it out on him in a rude way. It is honestly making me vexed.


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  • That's something you really don't need to know unless its your bff that's asking him out. Ask him why is he telling you these things?


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  • If he didn't tell you, and you found out it happened and he hadn't told you about it, you would be jealous and upset, and think he was trying to hide it from you. He realizes this, so he's being totally honest with you so that you know what's going on with him. Clearly if he's telling you that this is happening, he's not initiating it or taking them up on their interest.

    Here's what you SHOULD be taking away from this:

    - Your boyfriend is a "catch", because lots of other girls are interested, yet he chose YOU over all of those other girls, because he thinks YOU are a catch. You both know he could have those other girls if he wanted them, but he simply doesn't. He wants YOU.

    - Your boyfriend is HONEST with you. That's sadly rare in a relationship, yet you have that. So many girls would kill to have an honest boyfriend, but you already do. That should make you happy and proud.

    But instead, you are trying to spin this in the worst possible way, when in fact, all of this is in YOUR favor. You have a GOOD guy here, and he chose YOU and continues to choose you, so hearing this stuff should only make you more secure and comfortable with your relationship.

  • Yes... Yes you are.


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  • Well I mean it's not really his fault they are asking him out, unless he is flirting with them and leading them on until they do, so depends on the situation.

    • I can not control how I feel. It bugs me...

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    • But if there is no reason for you to know and it upsets you, it's not really the same

    • You are right. Thank you :)

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