GIRLS/GUYS ; What should I do with this girl who is black-mailing me? I am so terrified !!?


So from University, my group of friends (GUYS) introduced me to this girl who seemed to be very nice and she was Gorgeous.

She would be very quiet around me and act nervous, but after a couple of weeks, we became friends.

She asked one of my friends for my number and took it.

I talked a couple of times and had FRIENDLY conversations.

One day, she said she needed help with an Assignment and I went to her house.

She welcomed me and took me to her room to show the assignment.

When I get in the room , she started Undressing and was naked. I was going to leave but she blocked the doorway and told me to sleep with her.

I said , I need to go to the toilet and left the room. But then I sneaked out of the house and she just caught me at the entrance ( still naked) and the next door-neighbour saw this and she screamed " Rapist".

Now she is texting me if I don't sleep with her, she will take action and use the neighbour as a witness.

I don't want to do anything , as I wish to be a Virgin till marriage. She simply can't force me and I am really scared now.

What should I do?

Help please...



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  • Wow. Its like 'gone girl' all over again. And that story in the bible... Joseph and potiphars wife.

    Don't worry her screaming rapist is circumstancial evidence. She doesn't have a leg to stand on, she probably knows it too but is probably hoping you'll fall for it. Don't.

    But yeah stay the hell away from her she sounds like a total nut case. And warn your friends too. Don't want this happening to some other poor sucker.


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  • keep all the texts…. if you deleted the texts let her text u the threats and make sure u keep them. there done thats ur proof, tell her to fuck off and if she dosnt that u are not scared of her cuz u have her text as proof. she should back off at that point….. sheesh what a psycho. i can't believe girls like that exist

  • Get one of your crazy girl friends to kick the crap out of her so she knows to stay away for you.

  • Is this legit? Or are you trolling?

    • I am asking for real? She was being friends and then she did this. Please I am just worried.

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    • Dartmaul15 - I agree but there still needs to be a legit story. She has no story no alibi (the neighbor is not an alibi) she can't really pursue this.

    • Make sure to save all her texts, if she pursues this (I doubt she will) that's your evidence.
      I honestly don't think you have to be worried.

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  • Move fast and file a complaint regarding sexual harassment (and attempted rape). Tell this to the cops and testify. It might not lead anywhere, but if she decides to be serious about her threats, she's faced with one problem. How could you be the rapist if SHE sexually harassed you (and attempted to rape you).
    Was she "kind" enough to threaten you over FB/SMS? Because if so you suddenly have evidence against her too!

    This combined with the lack of physical evidence should legally be enough to find you not guilty, and depending on outcome you can also sue her for false accuations of rape.

    But seriously, go to the cops. Strike first! Her potential case will look REALLY bad if you have an accusation on her WITH evidence!

    • oh ok.. Thanks. I am just worried about the Neighbour dude? Do u think he is a threat?

    • Depends. If the police takes her in she'll have one hell of a time explaining herself. She saw you, and the naked girl blocking your path. If you tell this to the cops she'll be inn deep if she tries to lie and tell she saw anything else.

      The main point is to be one step ahead of the girl. Tell the cops everything, including how you met the girl, and who that can testify for you. The more you can give the cops, the harder it will be for the girl and the neighbour to lie.

  • Go to the police, get her to text or leave a voice mail on your phone to incriminate her. Let all of your friends and people around you know about this. This is the safest way to go about it. Don't let her go to the police, the first thing i learned about matter's like this is the first person that goes to the police usually at first get's their support.

    • Thanks, bro. I guess that's what I have decided to do from all of your opinions on this question.

    • This is great advice. Get her on Tape.

  • Call her bluff. She won't do anything

    • Are you sure, Sir. I am really scared... I don't want her to file a complaint against me.

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    • She saw a naked girl and cried rape? Unreliable witness.

    • Thank u Sir... I have hope.