What does a wink emoticon mean? Does he like me?

A male buddy of mine who has told me that I'm beautiful. And that's is vvery attentive towards me put an emoticon in a text mesage today for the first time lol and he wrote the word "pretty" before cool lol. He was also envious when another dude was hitting on me about a month ago lol...

So what does this emoticon mean? Does he like me? Or find me attractive?

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  • Why are you laughing out loud? I didn't think that was very funny. Some people use that emoticon lightly. I wouldn't look into it. Look more into the fact that he said you're beautiful. I think that's a more reliable sign, lol.

    • He wrote it on a status of mine : I'm beautiful the way I am...

  • He want's you so go after him

    • What's a good way to get him? I am feeling shy :( and do u think he's attracted to me?

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    • He also told me that my hair looks "so nice"... lol what do u think of that?

    • depends... usually that means he is interested in you and actually likes how you look

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