What do you do for fun after work?

I'm having trouble finding things to do after work and I don't like to just sit at home all evening. It gets dark like 30 minutes after I get home which is annoying.


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  • it's not really for fun because it's not fun at all but being in college and working is so hard!! I usually do homework and then go to sleep because of I don't... The next morning I'll turn to Godzilla lol. It's usually already dark out when I get out of work...


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  • Movie's, Go walk around stores xD (im weird) , go get something to eat, walk in a park, Drive around ( that would make you waste gas though), Go to the mall walk around. (buy something if you have the money or and want it). Udk , just some suggestions :P

    • That makes two of us! I do all of that also. haha I'm tired of that though.

    • LOL, Wow xD... I don't know then xD, Any forest near you , you can go Explore :P