So I'm pretty sure it is over for good but I don't want it to be...

my ex of almost 7 months that I was with for 9 years has been dating a girl for about 4 or so months...she is totally everything I am not, she has kids and is not highly thought of by others with her reputation so it has thrown me for a loop as to why he is with her...all that aside, I am having trouble moving on...i want him back so bad and I have done many things to cause him to probably never come back...i have been a complete nuisance to him and his sleaze bag...anyway I have recently stopped all of that behavior and I understand it may be awhile or never that he sees what are the chances that this is a rebound and what are the chances that one day he will realize after 9 years that he loves me and come home...i feel pathetic but I know that I love him and want him in my life and I am willing to make the necessary changes and better myself to make this do I get him to see it though...


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  • Similar Situation. My ex of about 7.5months that I was with for 8 years has also been with his new girlfriend since may, although I think he cheated on me with her and has been with her ever since. Its probably been the worst months I've ever experienced trying to get over him, the rejection is a killer and your confidence gets really knocked. It is getting slightly easier though and people do tell me time heals everything - I just hope they are true!

    How can we ever tell if's its rebound or not. People like me and you who have gone through all this really have to sit back think of all the sh*t they have put us through and honestly ask yourself could you take him back if he returned, or is it the fact that you just want them to return to feel worth something and better aboyut yourself. How the hell could you handle the fact that they have been with someone else? - it's too much water under the bridge.

    I'm hoping the same as you that one day after being so long together they might finally realise what they had and lost, but after being split up so long I think they would have realised that a lot sooner. I don't think they will be back. You have to try and move on. Me for example do not want to get in a relationship now and probably won't for quite a long time, I want him completely out of my system before I meet someone else.

    You need to concentrate on you and not him, he is probaly experiencing new things and enjoying life when you are left behind moping. I know its hard but yo have to try and be positive cause one day you will meet the man of your dreams and realise that he wasn't worth the upset and pain. You can't make your ex boyfriend love you and want you, so its no pointn in putting yourself through this. Believe me I'm going through the exact same thing as you and god I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Look after you x


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  • i may not know much about this subject, but I do know that I don't know many success stories of getting back with an Ex like this. So you should probably give it up...if she's everything your not, then he's probably trying to forget you. you should do the same. But don't go looking for a guy just like him. or you haven't really moved on, your just trying to replace him. So...bottom line, forget him,move on,live happy.


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  • Move on. He didn't deserve you.

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