What should I do? Walk away or be his "friend"?

So for two months I've been dating this guy who also was dating another girl very upfront with me from the beginning. He told me once he didn't think this is what he wanted and he though maybe if we became friends something could happen. We have slept together at least every Saturday for the past six weeks, I started getting annoyed because I knew he would see the other girl more and I would see him Saturday nights and sleep over. A week and a half ago he tells me he will make a decision which I had a feeling not me... he tells me on a Wednesday that he is making it official with the other girl that night BUT the next night we ended up having sex again. Come to find out he actually was officially with her a week prior. I was pissed I was very tempted to send every text he sent to me to her... since then he has still talked the same way with me and has even sent me nude pictures. He said he has a "block" about seeing me and that he wanted me to meet his parent, has told me I make him better and stronger, he even said he would tell his gf that he cheated. My gut and heart are telling me to stay but should I?


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  • This jack ass is using you. You're nothing but a periodic booty call to him. Close your legs and move on


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