Why do you think you are single?

For those of you who are single, if you had to come up with a reason why you are single, what would it be?

For me, I'm going to go with:
1. Too fat
2. Too unattractive
3. Too gruff/blunt
4. Too sexual

When I logged in and saw i had 138 new items, I thought GAG was having a major glitch.
Turns out the question is just really popular, lol.
Thought of another good reason! I'm hella boring!

Also, I kinda wonder how many of us really are what we say we are, or if its just how we perceive ourselves.


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  • Single by choice but... im also busy, doing a lot of important things. And To be Honest I feel like guys dont want to talk to me in that way anyway.
    Plus where i live there's not a lot of loyal, single guys.


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  • A) I don't make much money; but I'm a bit old to have had this much bad luck with finding good steady jobs; I have a job, and have kept it for a decade. I'm not irresponsible, or lazy, or unstable. But the jobs pay poorly, even though I like them, but I'm "stuck" with a career that doesn't pay well while I search for something more stable.

    B) I'm competing against guys who earn a LOT of money and have stable careers; Girls want NOW. Not success in 10 years. NOW. Even if it tanks in a few years, what matters is appearance NOW.

    C) I'm not that good looking.

    D) I'm a geek; I'm being more selective in who I date, and I'd love to start dating geeky girls, but there aren't that many in my area. There's not much acceptance of that culture in my area. I can say I've met a total of 4 girls (EVER) who have ever been even slightly interested in ANY of that stuff. Combine that with very few women that show up to anything, few women in my career field, and it's next to impossible to meet ANY women, let alone ones who are my type.

    E) I've always been a person who wants to do something different for events; apparently I have no idea what people would want to do, because they don't show up. The ones that promise to show come up with lame excuses for why they didn't bother to show like they promised. I've cut way down on planning anything because it's too much work not much return.

    F) Most girls I know would ditch all their "close" guy friends for a boyfriend the second they get one, so meeting someone available, meeting someone through a mutual friend, is rare.

  • To me it seems like girls/ladies my age expect a guy to be at a certain level, but the last 4/5yrs of my life has been utter chaos, disappointments, friends dying, long time friends backstabbing to get ahead in military careers, having my own career advancement on hold and then denied because of budget cutbacks, moving around different states for work, living my car, military benefits not covering school costs, school costs rising, being laid off ain't fun either. I'm not in shape for a relationship in the midst of chaos it's all about survival. Positive note I met the girl I wanted to marry and she was my other piece but terminal cancer got to her first. Knowing that intense heart rapturing chemistry and bond it took more than a year and then some to get over. I have a parttime job now, 15 classes until graduation w/ NO FUCKING LOANS! Still not enough doh for a car yet I don't think a girl would find all this appealing at all. That's not t say that I've not had sexual flings here and there, but nothing meaningful or worthwhile. These times of instant gratification not too sure if I will. I may have to just find the closest I can to the next best girl or be that one workaholic w/ not time for something special, but flirting is fun so who knows huh?

  • I honestly feel like I'm so in the "middle" of things. I don't consider myself poor but I'm not really a "high earning" person either. I am living on my own so I would rather date someone who is kinda the same, but at the same time I don't see myself dating someone who wants "too much." I'm in shape so I can't consider my appearance an issue (at the gym 5 days a week) and I am working 2 jobs. So time is definitely limited as well. I also refuse to date single moms, fat girls, and drug addicts/heavy drinkers who party a lot. I don't consider my standards high at all.

    • Are u sure your standards are not too high?

      The not dating single moms things will eliminate a lot of otherwise qualifying women, especially in our age bracket (i'm 29).

    • Around mid 30's I would be more lenient on it. I am 29 also. It would however also depend on the situation she is in. If it was some kid she had from a fling it would be a big issue for me.

  • Oh this is gonna be a good one.
    1. Not looking for a relationship.
    2. Unattractive face.
    3. In between the awkward phase of having an overweight body and a ripped body.
    4. Brown eyes.
    5. Am a nerd who only does school work in life and only talks about math, science, or cars all day.
    6. Terrible personality. I'm weird, socially awkward to the fullest, nervous, lack self-esteem, arrogant, close minded, an asshole, self centered, say stupid things, don't know shit about women, et cetera.
    7. I have nothing to offer. I'm in college and that's literally it.
    8. I'm cynical of most people.
    9. Social anxiety, avoidance syndrome, OCD, and probably some form of depression cloud my mind.
    10. There aren't any women I know anyways.

    Well, time to get back to writing this design package.

    • lol how is #4 a problem?

      and I have the #7 problem too :P

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    • @akser why aren't you responding to my comment

    • Of course brown eyes are a bad thing. It's the most common color so it's obviously the least desireable. by the way I have brown eyes so I feel I can say this without seeming like a douche xD

  • I'm single because I don't just go for any girl. I don't care about looks, what i care about is if i'm comfortable with her and "feel" like i should ask her out.

    I can't like walk into a bar and pick up girls, because a) I am shy and b) I prefer to get to know the person before opening up to them and asking them out. That way I can gauge their interest level and see if anything meaningful can come from it.

    I know what i like, and if i like it, i fight for it. Until then, I'm single.

  • 1. Saving myself for marriage, so i'm looking for a girl who is the same (Which is rare).
    2. I'm not looking for a real relationship until i am able to get married (financially).
    3. I'm not able to get married yet.

    • You'd have to date them before u marry them. I'd think most girls date for marriage. But you can be too broke for love.

    • Nope not in this country they dont. most girls here date just for the sake of getting a bf and having sex.

  • I'm single by choice because Im setting myself career wise; this "process" of mine is almost done.

    P. S. I never thought being "too sexual" would be a negative in terms of dating! :-P

  • 5. Currently on the lam for a crime I didn't commit



  • 1. I have severe trust issues from my ex who was nothing but mind games.
    2. I don't approach often enough.
    3. I seem to only attract psychos and manipulators.
    4. too passive at the wrong times.
    5. too aggressive at the wrong times.
    6. I prefer to take things slow. I don't usually kiss on the first date, or even the 2nd. Most women can't handle a guy that doesn't try to jump them right away. I usually get the no chemistry line after this... the right woman for me has the patience for me... sorry.

    • I couldnt agree more on your points of being too aggressive and too passive. I struggle with finding that balance in most of my daytime approaches.

  • Because i'm working on myself trying to make myself better for me so that way i can be a better person for whom ever i'm with in the future or want to be with later on down the road.

  • So then? Hit the gym, get thin and attractive. Learn to be more accommodating instead of blunt and try not be too sexual (or show it anyway). Problem solved. But you and I both know that won't do it because it doesn't make sense.

    • I'm happy with my body.
      You can't fix ugly.
      I don't want to suppress my sexuality.

      Although I could try to be a little nicer... lol

      Yeah I won't do it...

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    • you can't fix ugly without plastic surgery

    • As Marilyn Monroe said, there is no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one. But yeah, maybe someone is that ugly and I have seen some. But most can look good if they truly wanted to.

  • For me it's:

    1. Too Weird
    2. Not Rich
    3. Unattractive And Skinny

    I really wish I could say this, but I'm not him: fastpic.ru/.../...19244d8d2307c03766ca879.jpg.html

  • I'm single by choice mainly because I am still in high school and have yet to graduate, and the last thing I need is to have the drama and the stress of having a girlfriend. Yeah, companionship is nice, but I've already got a really great group of friends for that.

  • 1. no one is attracted to me
    2. unattractive
    3. skinny
    4. broke
    5. approach anxiety
    6. i have nothing to offer
    7. serious looking
    8. i only have a few female friends which all of them are taken
    9. picky
    10. think too much
    11. no talents or special skills or even sports
    12. not intelligent enough
    13. too hard on myself
    14. gamer
    15. all the girls I've crushed on always have a boyfriend or like someone else
    16. lack of self esteem
    17. bad on reading woman body language
    18. too shy
    19. not good in flirting
    20. not boyfriend material
    21. look nerd
    22. cursed to be single in my whole life
    23. moody and too sensitive
    24. haven't put enough effort to someone i like

  • 1. Had enough of girls in the past 2 years to the point where i dont want nothing to do with them at the moment.

    Just the other day i overheard girls say "hes pretty cute" in which i looked at them, locked eyes, then looked away as if uninterested.

  • I just went off the market. But I guess I was holding out for a few things, and I didn't find myself attractive. But I've got a girlfriend who is attractive, smart, funny, and actually likes me.


  • The right woman hasn't come along / I'm not interested in most women / most women don't seem to be interested in me / the women I like are taken.

    'bout sums it up.

  • Because I'm not just looking for a relationship, I'm looking for a relationahip with meaning. I need a girl who truly gets me, and I get her. I can't just ask out some girl because she pretty, there are pretty girls everywhere, but a girl who truly understands me is harder to find.

  • Too much stuff going on my life that I barely focus on relationships.

    I'd like to have a good future before sharing it with someone.

  • Oblivious to obvious cues or interested in someone else when those cues a presented. Women who know damn well they're flirting, then don't want to take responsibility and tell me I "misread their 'friendliness'", when I make my desires even more obvious than I thought I previously had. Thinking a woman is okay with age differences because she doesn't say anything against it when she's near me.

  • 1. Immense bad luck
    2. Everyone i am attracted to is way to far away
    3. Not outgoing
    4. Not the type to be noticed in crowds
    5. Mainly does geeky hobbies / activities (IT stuff)

  • 1. Too short
    2. Shy
    3. Can be socially awkward/anxious
    4. Don't know how to talk to women
    5. Nothing to offer at this moment in my life
    6. Don't really socialise enough to meet enough women
    7. Looks? (Subjective)
    8. Always going after girls who don't like me back/are out of my league
    9. Self - esteem issues

  • Because I'm not looking. Last girl I was involved with was a total nightmare, pathological liar, emotionally manipulative... just totally drained me and I haven't really felt the desire to get involved with anyone again for a very long time now. I prefer the solitude to the drama.

  • Atrocious luck. And while I put forth an effort, it just doesn't seem to pass the friendship stage and that itself fizzles. I came close. But I guess treating her like a human being and a lady scared her off but we shall see. Hopefully I'll have my day.

    • Treating a woman like a human being will never scare them away.

    • Then I don't know what the hell I did wrong. But I venture a guess she was never treated as well as I treated her. But the sudden non communication part, just sucks.

  • I like how "By choice" wasn't even an option lol.
    I'm in a relationship, but I've never been single except when I wanted to be.

    • those weren't options for people to choose from, they were my personal reasons

    • I was more or less referring to you as well, with my comment. Do you really want to be in a relationship?

  • Easy!
    1. I am physically not attractive.
    2. I am socially awkward.
    3. People who don't know me enough tend to think that I hate them.
    4. People tend to think that I am a bad, stuck-up, egoistic person.
    5. I am always interested in the wrong girls.
    6. Several other reasons which I don't know.

  • Let's see now...
    1. Bad back
    2. Some discolouration of teeth
    3. Slight Diastema
    4. Socially awkward
    5. Resting bitch face
    6. Introverted personality
    7. Magnet for the crazies
    8. Friendzone-tastic

  • I dont approach enough in school... i approach at bars and lounges but i dont think too highly about women in those places. I inly really see a potential girlfriend coming from school. I dont like approaching in school though because i feel like women today are extremely picky and entitled. Also fear of rejection or wasting all that time to just hear her say that she's too buay or has a bf already.

  • Too ugly, obviously.

  • Because I lack confidence, especially in social skills, also because my social skills are mediocre and I am improficient at talking to/flirting with girls.

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  • 1. I'm too flat chested
    2. Insecure as fuck cuz of said non boobs
    3. Too thin
    4. Too lazy and tomboyish (I look like a dude most of the time)
    5. Picky as fuck (beggars can't be choosers)
    6. I reject everyone
    7. I'm brutally honest
    8. I'm mean
    9. I am too odd
    10. I'd rather read
    11. I am antisocial, shy and awkward
    12. I have a fucking cussing problem that apparently isn't "lady-like"
    13. I always insist on paying for dates, even first dates, and the guy assumes I'm a man hating feminist who's dying to hang his testicles on a Christmas tree.
    14. I'm too hard on myself.

    • Out of all those i know one for certain that is true.
      Number 14. Your too hard on yourself.
      I bet the other ones aren't as bad as you think.

    • @sawno no, they're all true. Which makes it worse.

  • I haven't put enough effort into finding someone I like, as well as make a move.

    • Plus, you live in Finland while I'm over in the States, so our chances of meeting are pretty slim:'( jk

  • My reasons:

    1. I'm fat
    2. I'm too nice/sweet (people take advantage of that)
    3. I care too much (see no. 2)
    4. I don't look like a supermodel :P
    5. I'm poor

  • Because I haven't met the one who I'm destined to marry - he hasn't come to ask for my hand in marriage yet lol

  • I'm squishy, my body proportions all suck, I'm quiet, shy, and really awkward, I'm plain at best but probably just ugly, I'm depressed, I'm a bad listener, and I set higher standards than I deserve.

    I'm not perpetually single, but every time a guy asks me out, I just can never fathom why he's interested.

  • I'm single because I chose to be. I ended a 12 year relationship and I couldn't feel happier. All these people on here whining about never having a gf or bf, relax and take the time to have to yourself. Relationships are a lot of work, a lot of trust, and a lot of bullshit that you have to put up with. Just my two cents.

    • But they are also worth all the work

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    • Thanks, you too.

    • "A lot of bullshit"? That escaladed quickly :D

  • I probably believe that there is someone for me out there who hasn't found me yet. You know, if I've been in so many relationships that have failed, maybe I'm just waiting for the "right time" and to be honest I don't know when the right time is. Who knows he might be in front of my face and I wouldn't have a clue 😒

  • 1. Shy and awkward as fuck
    2. Too afraid to text/call/arrange plans with guys I like
    3. Spent 2 years infatuated with someone who pretty much forgot I existed, so I turned down other guys I actually liked
    4. Attract a lot of weirdos
    5. Not particularly attractive

  • - not really attractive
    - demure
    - I have social phobia that's why I don't have much friends
    - too distant
    - fiery
    - too candid
    - indifferent
    - don't easily trust people
    - don't easily fall if it's only based on appearance and what he says
    - dainty
    - hobbies disagreements

    This is all I think :)

  • None of the above.

    It's because I never go out and never meet new people.

  • 1. Attitude
    2. Blunt
    3. Picky
    4. Stubborn

    That's what I think lol

    • #4 can be annoying in discussions, but I don't see how the others should be a problem. At least if nothing to bad is hiding behind #1.

  • 0|0
    • actually I probably have some of these too... but its not like guys would know that until they really get to know me, so the other 4 issues are bigger. They're the first blockade.

    • I think I'm literally all the things you listed too, but then maybe my own anxiety and issues about relationships is my own mental block. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 1. I maintain standards
    2. I cannot be bothered wasting time on guys who aren't worth it
    3. I just ended things with someone because he doesn't wanna do a LDR and so I'm still emotionally unavailable
    4. It's better to be alone than to live with the wrong person for life

  • I have an extremely ugly face and because of that I am insecure. I also have social anxiety because of how ugly I am, so it's hard for me to meet new people let alone men. When men meet me, they go screaming in the other direction.

  • Single, partially by choice. And partially because people are not interested in me. Anytime a person actually is interested in me, I'm not interested in them, because they have an issue which is a "dealbreaker".

  • 1. I'm socially awkward.
    2. I'm really blunt by shy at the same time.
    3. I lose interest in people fast.
    4 . I get really nervous && turn into a blubbering idiot.
    5. I'm not good with people.
    6 . I really don't think i'd be good in a relationships. Sucks ehh.

  • I think I'm single because a lot of guys my age are interested in having a side chick and can't be loyal, I dont want to be a side chick nor want my boyfriend to have one.. So I prefer to wait for the right one. Also a lot of people say I'm insecure about my body and tend to avoid talking to guys which I do and I think that's my biggest problem.

    • "cant be loyal"
      tru dat man

  • Because i choose to be, i came out of an unhappy relationship not too long ago, so i decided to be single, until i feel ready to go into a realationsip again,

  • By choice and I have trust issues till I sort it out it is hard to be in a relationship

  • I'm still single Because
    I'm to shy and Socially awkward
    I'm insecure
    I have Bad taste in men
    I don't open up to people

  • -Too fat
    -Skin is gross
    -Not feminine enough
    -Way too sarcastic
    -I wear glasses
    -Too sexually inexperienced
    -Brown eyes
    -I'm Latina

  • Too stupid
    Too bubbly I guess
    And I might come at my crush really fast and strong :$

    • Ouuhhh i forgot trust issues and getting creep out if a guy shows any interest in me

  • I'm going to go with:
    1. Too much Acne
    2. Too Unattractive
    3. Too Fat
    4. Too Weird
    4. Too Blunt
    5. Don't have enough time to improve for someone else

  • I chose to be single. It's not something I want anytime soon.

  • Because I'm 3 lazy for relationshits right now. Single it is :D

  • I'm single because I'm too fussy or I attract very arrogant men.

  • Not single but if I was I would say not attractive and my family are complete pessimistic judgmental assholes. So I'm glad that my boyfriend is able to put up with that difficult package.

  • I am single cuz I have no time to get to know someone.
    The breaks i have i spend with my married coworkers or on my phone on gag.
    no opportunity to meet someone either...

  • Maybe I'm just meant to be

  • 1. Antisocial
    2. Arrogant
    3. Kinda chubby
    4. Bitchface syndrome
    5. Not really over my ex
    6. Too eccentric
    7. Too Blunt
    8. Sarcastic is the language of my people
    9. I don't like boys my age
    10. Im known to be a "prude"

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