What you do if you accepted a blind date and it was with a race you didn't prefer and/or find attractive?

This question is not about whether you would go on a blind date or not , It's about accepting a blind date and what your reaction would be in this kind of scenario. Don't understand this question, humbly dismiss yourself from the question. Now that's out the way let me continue...

Let's say you accepted a blind date with someone you have been talking to online for a long period of time. You usually don't go out with people you haven't seen, but say this person and you hit it off so well online that you were willing to take a chance. Your blind date also didn't know what you looked like either but agreed to go on a date so you agreed also. You both arrange and agree on a time an location to meet and also a description of what you both would be wearing. Your date spots you first and greets you but your date is a race that you don't prefer and/or find attractive. What would you do? Be real and come clean or lead them on?

What would you say?


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  • I don't have preferences about race, but I can answer for if I found the guy unattractive. I would continue the date, but keep it on a friend-level and decline going out again. If he asks why, I'd let him know I just didn't feel any chemistry/attraction and don't think we're right for each other.

    • So you would let a guy who you found unattractive pay for a date when you know for a fact that you aren't going to continue to date him? Nice to see you don't have any racial preferences. What's your race?

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    • Oh okay.

    • At least you were brave enough to answer this.

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