Why are there girls on online dating that say looking for friends on their profile?

it makes no sense to say that you're looking for friends on a dating site..


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  • Some people find it difficult to make friends, especially when you're older (out of college, for example) because you might not meet new people very often. Some people see dating websites as a solution.

    Other people might want to meet people first as friends (and maybe consider dating if there's a connection), since meeting under the label of a "date" feels like there's a lot more pressure, or they prefer a "friends-first" style of developing a relationship.

    I realize that they're called "dating websites", but if the website offers the option to say that you're looking for friends, then there will likely be some people who will use them for that.

    • Thank you.. I can see that calling it a date with bring on pressure but being friends first can cause the friend zone

    • I don't think the "friendzone" is a real thing. If a woman you're friends with doesn't want to date you, it's most likely because she doesn't find you attractive/compatible rather than because you're her friend.

      Being friends with someone you like doesn't guarantee that they'll want a relationship with you. Becoming friends with someone and then getting upset that they don't want it to turn into more is really immature.

      "Friends-first" allows for the possibility of a relationship, not the promise of one. If that's not what you want, then don't message those women.

    • Ok thank you

  • I'll break it down to you... they just want a shag.

    • Really? Thanks.. This is awesome to know.. exactly what I'm looking for

    • Possibly

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