What to do in this situation?

I dated this girl in her city (She lives in another city) just yesterday. First Date went well and all. Now she plans on coming to my city to see what it looks like. She already booked a ticket for plane. She will visit 6 days later. She said she'd like me to pick her up and date in the city (She doesn't know anyone in the city I'm living in). The thing is that she will be staying in the city for 2 days. 2 consecutive days of dating is an anti-challenge. I don't want to be too available for the second date.

Would it be wise to:
1. Let her call a taxi and let her find a motel for the first day and meet her or the second day?
2. Or Pick her up and date her on the first day. But let her do the moving back and all by herself on the second day?
3. Or just spend the 2 days with her


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you guys should date. Its only two days, try to see if you can make it a memorable one. She is in a new country, no friends.. just you. Take her to all the highlights of your town.


What Guys Said 1

  • Plan on "the date" being the first day. That will allow you to show her around so she can see if there are things she wishes to visit the second day. And if you hit it off really well, you can continue the date to the second day.