Why do you think that its more common to see a darke skinned men with light skinned females and not the other way around?

Its something i have noticed.. for every mixed couple i see 1 out if 10 consists a light skinned female and darke skinned male. The only mixed couples i see where its the other way around is when the female is south Asian (thai women) and european men (Scandinavian). Maybe once a year i would see ex. An indian woman or an African woman with an european man. Why do you think the reason for that is?


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  • It isn't more common. It just stands out more.

    • okay, its more common where i live at least... i have only seen a few dark female-light male couples n my lifetime. and even then it was thai woman- sandinavian man. I live in norway, so maybe thats th reason i haven't seen so many I don't know

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    • do you think that could mean that norwegian men dont date darked skinned females, in my situation mixed females in generale? im am mixed with norwegian (scandinavian) and English (west indian), but i look latina aparantly. I tecnically only been with white men, but i have never dated... so some part of me would think its because im not white they won't date me, but they would sleep with me. I know you're not norwegian so maybe you can't answer this

    • No. I think that the demographics, where immigrants and the like are a minority, is at work. A very small percentage of the population fits the criteria you set numerically so the fact that you see males (likely immigrants) courting local females is less a reflection of race and more a reflection of general social norms (males courting females in general). That said I think you'll be fine; I don't think you'll face that particular type of racism since if I remember correctly Norway isn't in upheaval relating to nationalism. But it's been 5 years since I even looked at the countries political state; I could be wrong.

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