The pressure of texting a busy guy?

Im just confused. Met this guy online, he had the month off from working because hed broken his leg. We'd texted these long stories about life, religion, family, relationships.
we went on an AWESOME date a few days ago, he even ran into a friend who said he was checking me out so I don't know. At the game he put his hand around my waist, at the end of the night he gave me this huge be a hug. and he was talking about how he thinks hed get along with my family, made future "we should do this" type stuff, but Warned me hed be going back to work on Tuesday, and would be busy from there on out but hed try to make plans and what not.
he told me he's a super busy guy but he's also honest and if there was anything funky about me hed tell me but ever since our date our texting has died down considerably. I know he's like really, really busy (he 31, im 23. He does have a busy job) but it just kind of sucks because we talked about all these things and then he just doesn't text back now after awhile.
I really dont believe I did anything wrong and I was thinking about just not texting him for awhile but I dont want to ruin anything that potentially might happen because i just stopped talking to him, and one day he texted me before our date asking if he did anything all of a sudden to make me stop talking to him but id also been at work and it was busy but now that its been after the date its probably just his job.

Do guys just kind of stop texting when they have busy lives? I just really truly like this guy. We had a lot of fun and he told me our day went by too fast, we'd been together over 12 hours.

Please tell me im looking too much into this.


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  • I think you're worrying too much. For a person busy at work, 8 hours can seem like 4. For a person waiting for a text, 1 hour can seem like 8. I know your feeling, and it's really just your own self doubts rearing their head.

    So look in the mirror and say "Damn, I'm hot... I'm a cool girl, and I have a lot to offer a guy. He's lucky to have me"

    • Thanks. I want to say im over reacting. I just kind of miss talking to him. I guess ill just wait it out because he will talk to me when he has a chance. Self doubts suck I hate being like that because im actually quite an independent person. Haha. Ill try and say that thanks :]

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  • I think you're overreacting, he warned you that be would be busy when his work started again, if he didn't like you I don't think he would have done that. I think you should wait it out because it seems like he's interested in you

    • Yeah, definitely. Thats true. Ill wait it out then. I guess only time will tell.
      by the way nice picture haha. Sailor moon, that makes me happy.

    • Thank you, I love Sailor moon. Hopefully it all works out