Does this girl make good girlfriend material?

till recently she was pregnant from me, she pretty much cheated on her bf, who is a complete loser, who is 29, lives with his mommy and has no job. i was dating her before , so i dont feel sorry about that. i love this girl to death, and she had a misscarriage of our child. recently things have been going great, and today i popped the question of her becoming my gf. i did on an original way, i made a t shirt with the question , will you be my gf, with a large Yes check, and a very small no check. she laughed, we kissed and she took the red marker and checked the yes. so that pretty much means she is my gf, problem is, her little daughter doesn't want me to be. at least, well the kid is very confused. her dad is in jail, and the kid likes me one moment, than loaths me, and after that starts playing with me like all is forgotten. the kid was angry with me because her mother had a miscarriage. the kid is just 7 and wanted a small sister badly. she doesn't understand so im not angry or insulted. i have been with the girl i love for several days now, and her bf/ ex , no idea, still calls, normally she doesn't answer, today she did, should i tell her, you can only have one bf and not 2. i pretty much dont understand her conversation because she speaks polish. its a great girl, but even i dont think her behaviour is very responsible. so now im not sure if she is my gf or not, im sitting her behind my laptop, while she is reading a story to her daughter and cousin. she tells me she loves me, but what should i do. i want to tell her, that her kid needs some time to get adjusted. this situation is just one big mess, how should i respond to all this.


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  • LooL ex in Jail (daughter's father), she still with her boyfriend and now she said she want you? if I was in your shoes I would kill my heart and leave her, I don't need a relationship start with a lie, first she did cheat, second her boyfriend doesn't have any Idea she is with you, if you are looking to destroy your life so just stay with her, she is looking for just money someone who can give her anything she want, test her and see what will happen.

    • how is it even remotely funny that the father of her child is in jail, the kid is suffering from it, her daughter cries a lot. i had a conversation yesterday, asking her, this guy is still calling, does he even know you were pregnant from me, or that you are my girl now. i told her, he has to know, or else i tell him. well cheating, the guy started buying gifts from the money of his mommy, since he is unemployed and lives with his MOMMY. pethatic! he is 29 for gods sake, sorry but he is just a loser, and the way she talked about him, didn't sound she was in love to begin with. her daughter just liked the guy because he bombarded them with gifts, a puppy etc.. all kinds of ways for commitment. and no she isn't very materialistic, she actually gets upset whenever i buy her anything, even if its just a pudding she likes and i put in her fridge. i give her a chance because i love this girl and she is a damaged girl but she must cut on the secrets, she is my gf and everyone can know!

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    • im her bf now, she doesn't even love this tool, the way she talked about him, she had sex with me, than he called we took a small break , after that we had sex again. she only has to bring him the news and he will go. he is clingy anway, always calling etc.. she was pregnant from me, im her bf, and if she won't tell him than i will make sure the news reaches him. i do agree, this isn't the best typ[e of relationship, whenever i tell her i leave she doesn't want me to go, but often enough she doesn't want me around. only when i tell her i leave, she changes her mind. thereby she has massive mood swings, but she is a damaged girl and work in progress. im willing to take my chances because i love her and i also see good in her.

    • Okay what ever then live into dreams... @Asker

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  • Remember: once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater.

    • as true as that may be , people deserve a second chance. thereby i dont know what made her fall for this fool anyway, all i noticed is he started to buy a lot of gifts, a puppy , necklace, promised her daughter a xbox ( she doesn't want that ) . and were is he buying all this stuff from, from the money of his mommy. loser has no job, lives with his mommy, sits at home all day long. i was dating her before, but i kept going on for weeks, and she came back to me, i told her yesterday, and what are you going to tell this guy, does he know that you were pregnant from me ( she had a misscariage ) and that you are my girl now. i told her, its better you tell him, or i will. you can't have 2 guys in your life, you are my girl, and the only girl i want. she did realize that it was true, i think she is scared of doing so, but she must. and with her daughter it takes some time. im willing to give it a try, if she doesn't stay faithfull im gone, i should give he a chance

    • her a chance, i love this girl and whenever i say, ill leave she doesn't want me to, its a toxic relationship pretty much, wish it could be more sincere, but well i guess it takes some time, she is a damaged girl and she hasn't crossed a lot of descent men in her life, her uncle likes me a lot, and says im a decent guy. i know i am, and i love this girl a lot. people deserve second chances, and if she stays loyal to me, i will do what ever i can to make her smile. at least the t shirt aproach worked, she found it very funny, and laughed about it:) she told me straight away she wanted to keep the shirt, ofcourse i ve put my name under it, so everyone knows its mine. well she has my trust , but well im grabbing my heart anyway, she is very good looking and she knows that, but when ever i treaten to leave, she seems to realize she can lose a great guy.

  • People can be defined by whom they associate with.

    • wow thanks, does this always apply? because actually im a really good guy, who works, is respectfull to others , yesterday i asked her to be my girl and she said yes. im not like any of these other tools she had in her life, and her aunt and uncle realize that. they like me a lot and find me a great guy. she is a damaged person and needs some work and patience. but i will tell her, tell this guy you are with me and that you were pregnant of me, end of the story. if he wants to beat me up, sure come by bro, ill be waiting for you.

    • You sound like a super nice guy, capable of seeing the good in everybody.
      Never change, ever. It is a rare asset that cannot be purchased.

    • thanks, there is nothing wrong with being nice, on the other hand, she isn't always the nicest person, lets say i just gave her a daily amount of credits she can use with me, before i lose my patience. since yesterday she is my gf, and all was fine, and today she is just very quiet, barely responding to any of my texts. yes she does respond but not exactly the way i expect, but thats the way she is, one moment she is bombarding me with cute texts telling me she loves me, and another moment she just seems way off, or slightly annoyed, no matter what you say, its never right. ok she is still hurting from the misscariage but it does hurt a bit. she has time to be online on fb messenger, but ok, I've learned not to take that to serious, sometimes its just bugged and other times, she is just chatting with friends, fine with me but those mood swings, they just crush me sometimes. by the way i like your naughty picture:P you seem to be nice, but looks can fool us:P

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