Ladies, what kind of man would you go for these days?

I'm curious as to what women are generally looking for in a man these days? Are looks the only thing that are taken into consideration or can having an education lead to stimulating conversation? Is that "bad boy" phase just a phase? Why do you put yourselves through something like that? Is it to sift through your own personal qualities you are looking for in a man? I would like to hear why you all have to say.

Thank you to everyone who responded. Some good feedback.


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  • A man whio will respect, love and adore me. He should also be honest, loyal and loving. I also want a man who has a good attitude and good family background. Look is not really that important.

    • That is a response I hear from a woman who are more emotionally mature. How would most men approach you if you were out in a setting. Are you generally interested on how well he can hold a conversation let alone your interest?

    • A good conversation is also a plus. I would love to talk about everything. I am a woman who is in detail.

    • I see. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Looks open the door, personality kicks it down.

    • So if personality kick the door down, what if the man is just "average looking" or whatever that means? Would having an awesome personality with average looks be okay with you? Would it be a deal breaker or a deal maker?

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    • Thank you for being nice, and not an annoying anon.
      Nice pic too.

    • Well no problem. I'm truly being myself. Thank you very much for the compliment too. :)

  • I like tough guys. hood dudes with something going for themselves. Bad boys can be a fun thrill tho

  • honorable gentlemen but it doesn't matter because guys will say we go for the bad boy anyways... w/e really

    • Well if this is the stigma then why not try and change that? Though rare, there are gentleman out there. I feel like most women don't realize the difference between a "bad boy" with the gentleman act and a true gentleman. I think we learn as we go is all.

    • i fell for that before ugh :\
      he acted like a nice guy because he knows its what i go for... then the truth was revealed...
      but yea you're right we learn as we go :)

  • Someone that's honest and kind in his dealings. Good sense of humor. Motivated. Yep that's pretty much it.
    If I could have those things I would be happy.

    • So you actually look past the initial looks portion and look deeper than that? So if someone were to approach you that was sub-par, would you try and hold a conversation with him?

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    • I am an introvert though. Very shy. So he would probably have to be the one that would start the conversation initially. :/

    • Well I believe most people jump between being an introvert and extrovert. It depends on how comfortable you are with the person. But I believe talking to people and building relationships gets easier as you get older :) Thank you for your opinion.

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