How can a guy get a girl. Whether it be girl friend or one night stand type of thing?

Alright i want you guys to list sine steps one must take to get a girlfriend or what did u do.

I really don't care for most girl opinion. On this cause you. Guys give out bad advice. Its a fact. That be nice gentleman crap doesn't. Work early game maybe later down the line.

but maybe you can prove me wrong and give good advice. You know what state ur opinion. Anyway.

I some what got the formula

it have a nice body- I'm going to gym more. Now

have a job-bout to quit my part time once I find a full time.

have a car. this one I can't do she better enjoy that metro ride lol

look and smell good- I shower like twice a day of guys name some good colone I'm using old spice champion.

r really doesn't after I notice. I'm a really funny guy. Girl tell me that all the time. But they only see me as a friend. So I'm thinking only looks only. Matter. As long u can keep a conversation your ok you don't need and thing special about you

tell me if im in the ball park.


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