I'm not sure what I should do... Do I tell him and see how he reacts or do I stay quiet and break my own heart?

I dated this guy in the summer and we dated about a month. I took the break up really rough because he wasn't like the other guys I've dated. Even though he didn't want me to hang out with guys (I'm that one girl you always see with a group of guys) I still wanted to be with him. I tried getting back together with I'm a couple weeks after we broke up. He made no effort to ever see me and I think that's why we didn't last. And he moved recently maybe a 15 minute drive ( I'm just guessing) but I started talking to him again and I realized how much I miss him and now I have feelings for him and I dont know what to do... please please help me.
Oh and I had my kik profile pic as something about missing an ex and he asked if it was about him and I lied and said no... So please help me


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  • Stay away from this guy, you are two opposites (in a bad way) but the attraction is there so u will get hurt once again

    • No offense I'm just wondering. How are we opposites in a bad way?

    • he's a guy who likes to keep a tight grip on his girl, doesn't wants her to be with any guy but you the girl who can't be without them
      You want your relationship to be fun while he prefers it to be simple and doesn't wanna make any efforts plus he preffers you only when he deems important while you are the sort of a person who would be available when ever he needed

    • Oh okay 😊 makes sense thanks

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