Do you think my crush likes me? And should I ask?

I have English class with my crush everyday. This morning we were in class doing a partner activity. i was across the room from him with my friend and he was with his. They were talking and I look up and notice both of them looking straight at me. He pointed at me and they started smiling. His friend asked him something ( I couldn't make out what he said) and my crush nodded and they both looked at me and smiled. I know they were looking at me because they said my name too. Later today I had algebra with him and I had to pass out papers. I walked over to his desk and tried not to look at him but when I did he was staring at me and looked totally distracted but never said anything. Then after that the teacher said for us to do our work and he says "oh I got a paper? I didn't even notice." He never talks to me anymore but I have his number. I wanna ask if they were talking about me but I don't want him to think I'm nosy. Should I ask?
And by the way I know for a fact that he used to like me. but I'm not sure he does anymore.


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  • No idea... not a mind reader.

    You like him? Ask him out. Don't guess. Take a chance. Life is short.

    If he accepts the date proposal, then date him a few times before a confession. If he rejects the date proposal, then not much harm to your ego is done. A date rejection means he will most likely reject a confession as well.

    If you get the feeling he is open to accepting a confession write me and I will share a scripted confession that has worked in the past. Good luck!


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