Long distance boyfriend ignoring me after visit?

I went to see him last week for exactly 7 days, I came back home Sunday morning and I haven't heard from him since. It's been exactly 3 days of no contact, I've called him twice... sent him a few messages on multiple social medias, and nothing.
The morning I left, he told me he loved me and that he will see me in two weeks. I just don't understand why he hasn't tried to talk to me at all... I guess this is way of breaking up with me? I was going to give it until like Saturday morning, and send him a message letting him know that I was moving on from him.

I don't know what to do. Help please. Why would a guy ignore his girlfriend?


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  • Some people are flakey assholes! It sucks because there's normally some other poor person in the equation with no idea what they did wrong and no closure. The way I see it, if they are going to behave like that then they aren't the person I thought they were, they get put in the shit person category and it's easier to move on. I'd say he could just be really busy, but you make time for the girlfriend you're supposedly in love with!

  • there is no excuse for going a day without contacting you. These days you can just text or message instantly and it won't take him more than a minute to send a simple text. Just leave him he isn't worth your time


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