After weekend away, he disappeared?

I've been dating this guy for about a month. Everything was sooo easy. I've dated a lot and it was refreshing to feel like myself around someone. He texted all the time, we went on at least 10 dates. Then he asked me to go to his birthday weekend away with him and his friends. I had already spent 2 nights with him at that point that week, but I agreed to go for his birthday. It was going really well, until I got really drunk (everyone else was too) and proceeded to ask him for a title. I got emotional, and stupid. I apologized and he said it was ok, multiple times. The remainder of the weekend we were great. Still intimate and having a great time. When we got back from the vacation we talked a little about what had happened, and he still said it was ok and he had a great time with me. We kissed goodbye. That was Sunday. Today is Wednesday and no word. He normally contacts me multiple times a day. To throw a curveball into the mix, tomorrow is my birthday, and we were planning on spending it together and doing something this weekend. My gut is telling me he is probably done with me and is going to pull the disappearing act. I understand that a lot of time together can be overwhelming, it was for me. So I've not communicated since Sunday, thinking we both needed space. But now I'm wondering if he really wasn't ok with my mini freakout, in which case I wish he would have just told me he didn't want to see me anymore instead of blowing me off, particularly with my birthday coming up... Any thoughts?


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  • he doesn't care about you so just forget him and find someone else

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