How should I tell my mom about the guy I'm dating if she doesn't like him?

I study abroad and am in relationship with a guy from my country here.
My mom doesn't know about it. BUT sometimes she mentions in a conversation with me: "Don't even try to get together with him".

The reason is him not being from a rich family and not being fit. She wants me to find a guy who can help me stay in this country or be from another developed country. We are from Europe , but the country we come from is not that much developed. Lots of people try to move to a better place to live.

She has a feeling we might be together. But she liked my previous boyfriend a lot. He was from a rich country.
I myself do not agree with her views. I'm not a golddigger.


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  • Do not try to please your parents or other people in general. It's your life, do whatever the hell you want. If it's love, it's love. She will have to accept your relationship eventually. If by chance she doesn't, you don't have to feel bad or guilty. Follow your heart. Your mom probably wants what SHE THINKS is best for you, you just have to explain to her what is really the best for you.
    It's actually quite selfish of her. Parents should not tell their children who to date and who not to date.


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  • Tell her over text... things are much easier said over text, trust me! OR you can "not" tell her and leave your gold digging mother out of your sex life.


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