Does he like me? pls advice?

met this guy tottal hotty ur typical douchbag look. tatted works out.
been talking to him for 6 months but only hung out like 4 times… work scheduals. I've made it very clear to him I'm looking for something serious and he knows this. he told me he likes me and lets keep hangin out and see what happens.
last time i hung out wit him we had sex. then didn't hear from him till now which is a month later, i told him that i liked him and his just using me. he said no that he liked me too he just got scared cuz when i hung out wit him as a joke i told him i was a guy and has had a sex change, i don't know i just was being stupid and thought it was funny. so apparently his saying he believed it a bit and kinda got scared. his first text said are u a dude?
anyways i told him again that I'm not looking for just sex. he said no its not like that and that he liked me. i asked what it was he liked about me.. he said he likes talking to me, likes hanging out with me and that he likes that i don't put up with his shit. then he sends "love you".
i don't know i mean is he for real or trying to get sex? do guys really go this much out of there way for sex? like his so good looking he dosnt have to try hard to get it from a girl.
so it be a waste of time for him to be telling me all this talking to me this long for just a booty. but I'm still scared cuz i have trust issues.
oh and i told him I'm not on any birth controls just so his aware. and he responded, " thats ok, I'm not worried, I'm 28 now"
hmmm guys tell me cuz i love this guy and i don't want to get to excited if I'm just falling for crap.


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  • Ask him where he thinks your relationship is and where its going. If he's evasive then move on


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