What the formula to getting woman?

So here what I think it is

1. be fit and have a six pack or one that's coming or flat

2. have a full time job or be RIch or have a career plan or in college

3. have a car

4. smell good and dress good like wear name brand stuff. And make sure you shoes are nice.

I think personality doesn't really matter to them as much as the physical. Looks. You can have the basic personality. With good conversation skills as long as you have the top 4 things I listed. i didn't start. Getting girls u til I got a six pack and start worrying about my looks more.

what do guys think


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  • I think ur so wrong.
    Looks change all the time, with age, and life in general.
    and yes, the first thing I'll notice about the guy is his appearance, if his hot or not
    But if he has a shitty conceited personality then his not worth my time and thoughts.
    And besides, if u were just born to look pretty, shame.
    Lol, remember this>Fiona left handsome Prince Charming to live happily ever after with Shrek. People should love u for who u are😏looks aren't important,


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  • I think your list is accurate for the most part. Its not a deal breaker about the six pack. My fiance doesn't one.. wish he did lol but I'll live. And personality, good convo (because I love to talk), a real job and car is a must in this time and age.

  • (Confidence^3) *personality+hotness-children+decent respectable job


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  • Be wealthy, good looking, intelligent and have manners. Hang out at the right country club and gymnasiums. Pay for everything with a black American Express card. They will come to bees to honey.
    Do you think that the Romney boys ever had difficulty getting a date?

    • I should add that for we mere mortals, we have to struggle by the best that we can. One has to be mindful that most women pass through a bad boy phase between the ages of 15 and about 30, which could be or any duration. Their choices in men are appalling, because Hollyweird has administered a mindfark that imprinted on them the idea that the edgy bad boy was more 'exciting' and 'fun', so they will friend zone decent young men and chase after dirtbags and knuckle draggers who do not have a future outside of the trailer park, or the prison system. On the positive side, this makes it easier to identify the quality young women who have not been seduced by the bad boy psychological programming. They can be difficult to find, but they are out there (somewhere).
      I used to have a black American Express card, but a few years ago I scaled back to a platinum card because it made women in my age range look upon me as their retirement plan. That is not going to happen.