Do I just let it go and forget about her or try and make contact with her?

there was this girl that I meet earlier this year but haven't seen for a bit. I'm torn between trying to make contact with her online somehow or just forgetting about whole idea for time being. we haven't even talked in a while and that is bothering me and this idea of trying to contact her somehow keeps coming back then I decide not to then think about it again and so on. I realise I need to come to a decision one way or another on this.
I don't think I have anything to lose by trying to send her the email and if I don't hear back just forget about it. but at same time I don't know if there's any point in sending her anything so torn either way


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  • You should send her an email and if she doesn't respond you should forget about her and move on.


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  • Just talk to her dude

  • Just hit her up once.. with a simple "hey u" and if she responds continue the convo.. of she doesn't just dont bother with it. live happy knowing u tried :)


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