Does anyone else talk to their dogs out the person they like as if their dog is giving feedback on them?

Lol totally weird but as the title says...

Like I will ask, "do you like ____?" "I think I like him too."

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  • Always talk with your dog, or cat, about the merits of someone in whom you are interested. Those of us who live with animals know that psychic communication goes on. Arrange for this person to meet the dog/cat as soon as possible.
    Animals are excellent judges of character. They can sense things that we humans have been civilised out of discerning.
    I have introduced my cats and dogs to every woman in whom I have been interested. They have yet to be wrong.
    Old witches' saying: "Never trust anyone who does not like cats, or who cats do not like."

    • My dog is absolutely in love him him:)

What Girls Said 1

  • Hahaha I do this all the time! My bf thinks I'm crazy. He doesn't even bother answering me anymore because he assumes I'm talking to my talk lol

    • Oh oops, just saw you said about the person you like. I don't do that, but I talk to him about people lol

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    • My boyfriend calls my dog his stepdogughter lol

    • Haha that's cute :)

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