What is this stupid guy trying to do?

ok i recently began working at a place. my boss from the beginning him and another mgr were semi hitting on me. half the males there hit on me or are turned on by me. im a pretty female. its a small office with just 8-10 people or less. the head manager guy, even showed me a picture of his wife- not sure why. he seemed to either be trying to be friends with me or getting personal. he texts me a lot about sales- whats annoying is that we sell products, and he takes my customers and sells them for me. it's like he doesn't want ME getting the credit or talent- i get the sale but he DOES it. it's frustrating. then he'll keep texting me about the customer he's talking to. two days ago, he was making my sale and i had to leave. when i came back, he wasn't there but i texted him and said im there now and he rushed back. then, there was an older lady there, and he went straight to her--he was sitting down talking to her about weird BS.. i tried asking him about my sale and he kind of ignored me. to me it looked like something was going on between them. i felt weird about it.. then he came to me and grinned as if "ha ha ur jealous" then he kept ignoring the other lady coming to me and i felt creepy sexual tension. i missed a day and he texted me telling me, i need to show up more or i get fired (tho some people dont show up for days).. comm only pos. last night i had these strong sexual urges for him i duno why. today at work, he was hitting on me like.. staring at me like "i want u" and even others noticed it and were creeped out. then, he messed up a sale of mine on purpose hung up on the woman. i left and later his wife came.. there was this major sexual tension between us now and i didn't want to encounter the wife or she'd notice it. i went to ask him a q... and i said why did u hang up on customer and why r u tellign em to come in? he said no no no! its ok.. I like you a lot. and he was calling to his wife "we went to counseling right"? wth is going on with him

today he was hitting on me and worse, even when his wife was there he's like "i like u a lot".. im like.. omg. wth kind of games is he trying to play? make everyone jealous it seems? he even texted me last night at 9, telling me crap. today he was hitting on me terribly and several others noticed his weird behavior.. its like he's a jerk and playing games.. why would he say that when his wife is there? he took my call while there were people waiting to talk to him in person and it seemed strange


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  • He's putting out innuendos and seeing if you'll bite. Because if he straight up asks you, than he could get fired or sued for sexual harassment. But, if he puts crumbs out there and you follow them to him, your making the move. He sounds very slick actually, and probably does this a lot. The older woman is someone he's using to gauge your jealousy level. The situation with his wife is about gauging your sympathy for his situation which, if you have any attraction to him, will now be combined with empathy. I say this as a relationship coach with many years dealing with this.

    • wow really? so you think he's using his wife to gauge sympathy in what sense? that they have had issues? i felt he was using his wife as a ploy to see if i'd get jealous or how i'd react around her.. esp seeing that today there was this really crazy bad tension between us.. today of all days was the worst day for her to come in--first day she has. It was very weird. I couldnt even talk to her and i felt like darting out of there.. it's more like i felt humiliated and creeped out that now that he's hitting on me he brings his wife around. i thought something may have been going on with the older woman b/c of the way it all looked.. but ur right it could be that.. he may be trying to get with her too--she's older but not totally ugly. he is really slick/smart... he wants me to bite by doing what? it seems now there is an understanding between us.. that im attracted to him sexually or feel his towards me. when he says i like you a lot.. while his wife is in the office.. what

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    • oh yeah definitely... thanks.. and yes like, how can i reciprocate, without doing so.. im scared to reciprocate when males show non-verbal cues. actually many dates will not make a move on me- except really creepy ones. i always have to make the first move... im just scared that, then he may reject me, or i might come off as a homewrecking skank or something. I've never done the non-verbal i want you stuff.. but i feel he can sense how im feeling.. it's obvious im just trying to hide it b/c im trying to ignore what he's doing b/c i dont want to get involved unless he outright makes a move. i still find it outrageous that he's hitting on me while his wife is there and in front of others.. i assume he's just a total a**hole who pretends to be a nice guy.. i almost get the sense i dont want to get involved with him in any way b/c he just has issues.. the whole situation is just weird..

    • even when he was saying maybe i shud try being an outside agent, he's like "i think you're great.. i think you're great." we'll talk tomorrow... and it's weird that he's texting me all this at 9pm.. i mean, why can't he tell me in person. It seems strange that he texted that late. oddly, after he texted me i literally had these strong sexual urges and masturbated thinking about him and came like 5 times. I dont even know why. I'm inclined to believe this guy.. well its other stuff but i won't get into that. i guess he's tryign to see if i'll reciprocate.. i just find his behavior really weird..

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  • I'm going to apologize first, then give my opinion... the topic said "what is this stupid guy"
    when i see that, everything you say after... a. k. a description.. is moot. you've already judged.. no point in reading your description.
    Pointer: we guys think you girls are stupid too... but we don't say it out loud **hint hint** lol

  • He's a but job. Get a new job

  • Why are some girls too stupid to understand ---- He wants to get in your pants.

    • You're the stupid one. Grow up u sound like a 12 year old

    • Don't believe me lol.

  • My eyes bled.


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