In love with him for 7 years, how do I get over him now?

I fell madly in love for the first time when I was 15 y/o, at first unaware of my true feelings because in my mind I kind of disliked this guy. We fell out of touch and he was no longer in my life and under these past years I was in a relationship for two years. During that time when I was 19-21 I thought I was def over him, I knew I loved my bf but I never experienced butterflies in my stomach or felt nervous around him but I thought maybe that was just something you felt when you were younger or did not really have experience.
But then at 21, after me nd my bf broke up, I met him again, and I felt like I did when I was 15, I tried to tell myself that It was just because I haven't seem him in all these years. During that evening he looked at me a lot, and made small talk when he had the chance. Later he added me on fb and started writing to me. For one year now we've been texting from time to time, and gone out twice. He studies far away from where we live but comes to visit sometimes. He said that he's in love with me but we've both agreed that we can't be in a relationship.
Everytime we get close to each other he "dissapears" and after a month or so he gets in touch with me again. But now I've told him that we should just stop what ever we're doing because Its hard for me since I have strong feelings for him. He said he also has feelings for me but can't do anything because of the circumstances.

I feel the same way everytime I see him or I'm with him, when we're alone or when we're around people it doesn't matter. I've never felt that way for anyone else and I'm scared that I never will. During those 7 years I've seen him a couple of times and I always had the same feelings. What can I do to stop loving him?


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  • get a new boyfriend, seek a psychologist, find a hobbie , use your will power


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  • Get in a relationship with someone else...

    • I was in a relationship for two years. But is it possible to get in a relationship with someone when you have strong feelings for someone else?

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