Weird relationship? What Should I be Doing? Helpppp guys and girls?

Me and my boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago on ok terms but we agreed to stay friends because he says he's not in a good place right now and wants to get his life together.

He says we will get back together in the future but until then to keep talking and go on dates still cause we still have string feelings for eachother.

The weird part is he acts as if we are still in a relationship I come over and he cooks me dinner, tells me he loves me all the time, talks to me everyday, and is just generally the sweet guy I know him to be with me. I even asked him if he would be jealous if during our break if I slept with someone else if he would be upset he said of course but I know you will always come back to me and me to you.

My question is am I making the right choice by keeping the communication as if we are still together and still sleeping with him? I feel so confused. I don't want him to tire of me if I give too much.

What should I do to ensure him to stay interested?


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  • honestly, i dont think its a good idea. He wants to best of both worlds... to be with you, but to also be single. and thats silly and unfair. My boyfriend tried to do it too. i told him i was ok with hanging out and being friends. we eventually hung out, then we kissed and then he wanted sex and i refused. he didn't understand since we've already done it many times but i told him, thats something i save for my boyfriend and since he broke up with me, thats not something i was willing to do. Safe to say, it didn't take long before he wanted me as his girlfriend again. You NEED to set boundaries and STICK TO THEM. Maybe even explain to him, that to you, this is still a relationship and you want that commitment again if thats how its going to me. tell him not to be worried about being with you while he's trying to get his life together because he's with you, treating you that way anyway. but honestly have a set of rules that you follow and dont break, or he will take advantage.