I met a guy and we got on so well, he was just lovely, a solid guy. I did bad neurotic text idiot impression and I haven't heard since?


So I met this guy and he was lovely, we clicked. He was supportive of me and thought I was awesome, I was supportive of him and thought he was equally awesome. We spoke every day (which is normally a no no for me). I broke every rule for him and let the barriers down to a degree. He was tied up doing some work stuff for a few days and I was excited to speak to him. He text messaged to say he would call after lunchtime on Saturday, by 7pm he hadn't so I did the neurotic thing and sent a text saying 'I take the hint'. He replied simply 'Sorry I'm ill'. I replied saying I suspected he was attached and over reacted, but also told him he was wonderful too and thanked him for the time we spent as friends. He knows I had gone through something three weeks ago that was quite horrific where I was sexually assaulted on a date, he had been really great being there, telling me I was great every day. I stupidly and didn't realise, kept telling him that he was a lovely friend and not to worry, I knew he wasn't interested in me romantically. Still every day, he was there for me, not overly but in a nice, just being there way, as I wasn't looking to talk or dwell on what had happened with the other guy weeks before and wanted to move on.

I didn't hear from him but I did apologise three days ago on text and said 'I am sorry, you so did not deserve that, I hope you aren't mad at me, I am too adorable to stay mad at :-) I hope you are feeling better, I feel really embarrassed about how I behaved'

He hasn't replied. To me he seems a very straight up guy, like he would reply and say 'sorry I don't want to be your friend anymore and good luck' but he hasn't.

Have I blown the friendship? I really like him and yes, I have a crush on him too if I am being honest.

Maybe I should also mention that during his three days he was busy, he kept texting every day apologising for being distant. I would reply thanking him for being so thoughtful and that we would chat as soon as he could. Not sure if that makes a difference or not :-)


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  • Some guys reallllly hate crazy jealous girls. And the way u reacted to him might have been an early warning for him that u can get extremely jealous and that's something that many men call 'crazy jealous bitch'. Its either that or he is really sick that he can't talk to u

  • call him, he seems to be a guy who doesn't gives up easy. He must be really sick and your text hurted him but if you apologize properly (on call, texts dont count as apologies) he would be back to how he was with you


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