How long should I wait until I initiate the "what are we talk?" And, how do I know he's interested in more than sex?

This guy and I have been flirting, and getting to know each for about a month, this past Saturday, we had sex after what be our second date, neither of us planned that, we have hung out and not had sex (we made out but no sex), we can only hang out certain days of the week (that's out of our control due to both our schedules).

Originally, I didn't want a relationship, but I've changed my mind. He has asked me about life, personal questions, he makes sure he's not hurting me during sex (he's bigger then me physically and downs south), he stops and makes sure he's not hurting me. Then we chill and cuddle after sex, and talk.

Thanks for the help guys!


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  • No one can say. You have to decide yourself. Just ask him if he would like to be in a committed relationship with you as you would like that. (If it is what you want.) Maybe after a few more weeks or sooner. I've always liked to be committed ASAP myself.


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