Is he really over me if he keeps contacting me even though I have been ignoring him?

Basically last Saturday I told the guy that I was talking to that I was through with him and haven't said a word to him since. Well last night he texted me good night, I ignored him, then this morning he texted me good morning, I ignored him. 20 min later he texted me telling me he really does like me & miss me very much, I didn't respond. 5 min later he said 'call me". I didn't respond, then he texted me again telling me best wishes and he deleted my number like I asked. I ignored him. Then 20min later he called me. What is that saying? Is he over me or is he playing games? That's the reason I cut him off in the first place because of his games. Should I reply to him or leave him alone and keep moving on like I have? We've been talking for 5months

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Most Helpful Guy

  • he's forcing himself to you

    • And that means? What should I do?

    • hmmm he may become a possessive person if you guy get together... and he is the clingy one... i can relate because i did that to my crush before... so i accepted that she didn't like me and i decided to move on... hmm just ignore him and tell him you dont like him... if you are friends with this guy then tell him to stay friends with you

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  • As long as he is paying attention to you, he is interested. However, if you ask him never to contact you again and he does, please contact authorities.


What Girls Said 2

  • Call him, tell him you're over him and to move on. Do it nicely at first. if he persists, get mean.

  • Nah. Don't call. Keep it moving.. HE IS PLAYING GAMES AND ONLY WANTS YOU TO WANT HIM... so don't fall for his power struggle bull shyt.

    • I think that's what it is too because he likes to be in control about everything.

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