I screwed up help me guys!

This girl whom Imy crushing on had a huge with with her friend in the past so I told to stop talking to him... but all of a sudden she strated talking to him and when I told she tells me I can't ignore him.. When I asked why beaus everyone in my college thinks I'm a bitch with attitude!!! when I heard this I was actually shocked to some extent so told I don't wanna talk about it..! later on I asked her to tell me what happened she didn't tell... so for this I told if u don't tell me now I will get to know in someway or another... she got pissed when I said this!!! she told me why was I acting like a jerk and u spoilt our relationship...
now what do I do need some opinion!!!

She had a fight not me..!*so I told her that..


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  • She was upset, it sounds like you tried to get her to open up when she was angry, and it only made her angrier. Wait till she calms down a bit, and apologize for trying to get in her business (even if you weren't trying to make her angry). Tell her she can tell you anything, and maybe give her a compliment. If you really don't want to screw this up apologize.


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  • Maybe give her some time. She got even angrier like a bee. Sounds like unnecessary drama to me. Yea just give some time and see what happens. Screw what anyone else thinks.

  • I suggest you to move on. Life is too short for that shit.

    • U really think so?
      but she is talking to me now...

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    • Hmmm..! okay..

    • I'll do it..!

  • What on Earth did you just say?

    • Well the typing got the best of Me lol..!

    • I didn't observe the letters properly while texting..!