What is the best way to flirt?

Okay, so I suck at flirting because I am shy, have low self - esteem (getting better) and I am a major introvert whitch every the case okay someone tell me the beat way to get a person attention?

By the way my idea of flirting is to causally/periodically look back to them and hope that they have more courage then me to walk up and say something.
PLEASE HELP I am brave enough to walk up but don't because I have no clue what to say


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  • Whatever you do, don't stop being yourself. Your shyness is not a weakness, its actually something certain guys will find incredibly cute.

    If you're introverted, I'd actually play it up as much as possible. Try to hold eye contact with a guy and smile at him as much as you can, and if he notices and smiles back, and if he's even a little interested in you, he'll probably try to talk to as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

    When he does, make sure to laugh at all his jokes, and smile a lot. If you look or sound shy that isn't neccessarily an unattractive thing at all. Make sure to mention that you're shy, this will encourage him because he'll be able to know that your quientness isn't because you're uninterested in him.

    Know also, that not EVERY man will have the interest, or the capacity to pursue a shy girl, but you'll be happier trying until you find one that does, then you will be attracting a guy who is looking for a crazy extroverted girl and started going out with you due to a false first impression.

    • Also, try to make sure to exchange facebooks or phone-numbers with the guy if you're interested in him. Its easy enough to message him later if you want to make sure he knows you're interested, or say anything you were too frozen up to say earlier.

    • Thanks, your words cleared up a lot of my worries.

    • Glad to hear it. Good luck! =D

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  • Look into eyes touch her APPROPRIATELY and like high five or a hug smile a lot IM A GIRL by the way

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